Funny Office Pranks

There are many opportunities to pull office pranks on folks who take their surroundings for granted. I'm sure that there are plenty of these folks at work. Few people would expect to be seriously injured in an environment resembling padded cells.

When you're using these prank ideas, try not to be seen setting it up. Not being associated to the prank will be helpful if things goes awry and creates an angry mob or an angry boss. If it goes well and everyone's having fun, you can always step up to claim the credit.

Consider the timing of your setup as well. I don't think you'd want to get caught setting up a prank halfway, nor do you want to wait too long for your victim to fall into one. The hours before or after office hours are relatively safe times to set up your pranks. Lunchtimes can be safe too if most people leave the office then. Of course, be sure to look out for security cameras.

When you've picked your target(s), all that remains is the location and the ideas. You can more or less divide a typical workplace to these areas: The Cubicle, The Break Room, The Common Areas, and The Bathroom.

Funny Office Pranks: Cubicle Prank Ideas

You can do quite a few things with cubicles. You can either set traps or 'vandalize' them. Both approaches require a wicked sense of humour ;). For some ideas, read 7 traps to set in a cubicle and 10 funny ways to 'vandalize' a cubicle. You might also want to read 7 hilarious office prank ideas.

You want 5 more? Check out Office Gags: 5 tricks for unsuspecting colleagues.

Office Break Room Prank Ideas

I like the break room. I get my morning dose of coffee with a hint of sugar. I get to keep my lunch in the fridge and relax a little. Mess with these and I get really annoyed. See the potential in pranking here? If you're looking for ideas, read 7 funny pranks for the break room.

Office Toilet Prank Ideas

The sanctuary of the office, this is the only place I can truly hide away from the view of the general office public. It's also one of the best places in the office to prank. See 7 funny office toilet pranks to find out more.

Office Common Spaces Prank Ideas

Office common spaces refer to places like the corridor, the elevator lobby or the conference rooms in the office. Since many people pass by throughout the day, setting up office pranks in these locations will reach a far wider audience, potentially hitting multiple targets (if it's a trap). Check out 12 great office pranks for public spaces and 7 Office Practical Jokes.

Office Birthday Prank Ideas

Have you a birthday boy or girl to prank in the office? No problem. I've dedicated a special segment to that special birthday person in your office. Get 5 tips to office birthday pranking. I'm sure it'll be a memorable birthday :).

April Fools Office Jokes

Who can resist an April Fools day that falls on a workday? Some companies have a tradition of pulling off annual hoaxes on this special day. You can pull off some of your own too with these prank ideas. Read April Fools Office Jokes: 5 funny office practical jokes for April Fools.

Office Revenge Prank Ideas

Got a person at office that backstabs you and is rude to you? Get even with these revenge ideas in 12 Office Revenge Pranks.

General Work Prank Ideas

This section contains prank ideas that cover the other areas of the office, e.g. meeting and conference rooms, and every major doorway! Check out 7 Funny Work Pranks and 2 more untested ones.

Here's one more that's a mixed bag of pranks, really. For pranks that are deliciously evil (oh, they will get on your victim's nerves or confuse them so), check out these 7 deliciously evil office gags.

I hope you like the ideas here. Have fun and stay safe.

Disclaimer: Please remember that every prank has an element of risk involved. I disclaim any liability from any negative consequences you may encounter in carrying out these office pranks.

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