12 Office Revenge Pranks

There are a lot of similarities in office revenge pranks. Both are intended for humor at the expense of your victim. Both have to be done, hence the term practical in practical jokes. However, when the word revenge is added in, the stakes have been increased and the line between pranks and sabotage becomes blurred. You are now out to even a score with another person, so there is some sense of justice mixed in.

In this article, I've tried to make sure that the prank ideas do not turn out to be sabotage ideas, except the very last one. While the prank ideas listed here really are just practical jokes, do them at your own risk as not all workplaces tolerate these pranks. In other words, don't get caught if you decide to try them!

1. Music in Ceiling

To drive your victim mad with a radio playing in the background, your office needs to have a dropped ceiling where you can remove the ceiling tiles. You'll need a small inexpensive radio with extra long life or heavy duty batteries, and some time early in the morning to set up this prank. Of course, it helps to first check and see if there's radio reception in the office near your victim's cube.

Turn on the radio and turn in down soft enough to be heard by your victim, but not enough to be heard by his neighbors. Be sure to come in early, preferably the first in, so that you can test the sound accordingly.

2. Lacquered Ports

Warning: This might cause the some damage to your victim's cables where you apply this prank.

You'll need some spray on clear lacquer for this prank. While your victim is away from his desk, disconnect a device cable (e.g. a monitor cable) and spray some lightly onto the the pins of the cable. The lacquer should dry really quickly and this will create a barrier between the monitor pins and the port in question. Quickly plug it back and make your exit. This should puzzle your victim and an average IT department for a while.

3. Shocking Mouse

In this office revenge prank, swap your victim's mouse for a shocking mouse. Your victim will likely be puzzled by the sudden swap and will likely pick up the mouse to inspect it. Obviously, he'll make a shocking discovery.

4. Shocking Pen

In this office revenge prank, you'll be leaving yet another shocking discovery for your victim. You'll need a shocking pen that will jolt your victim when he touches it. Mix it in with his bunch of pens, or if you don't see any stationery on his desk, leave it in a prominent location, like the keyboard. He'll more than likely pick it up and - you guessed it - feel utterly shocked.

5. Hidden Handphone

Want to get even with a co-worker who has a really annoying ring-tone? This is a risky office revenge prank that will need you to swipe your victim's handphone while he is away from his desk. There are a couple of places you can stash it safely within his earshot when he gets back to his desk. If your office has a dropped ceiling, it'll be an ideal location to hide it, but your surrounding office neighbors will need to be in on the prank.

Otherwise, you can drop it in the trash bin of a neighboring co-worker or in the cabinet of an empty neighboring cube. If your cubicle wall has some space in between it, you can also drop it there. Alternatively, tape it to the underside of your victim's desk. Your imagination is the limit, but don't destroy the handphone, or you'll destroy the fun of wasting your victim's time finding it.

6. This is due NOW!

This office revenge prank works great if your victim's manager is not known for being a good communicator and for being unavailable for discussion. You'll need to know about your victim's project if you want to pull this office revenge prank properly. But rest assured that a little knowledge here will go a long way.

Simply gather together a hodgepodge of documents or a book that appears to be related to your victim's project at first glance. Write a note on a sticky that says "I need this summarized for a project meeting today. Please get this on my desk by 4pm". If your victim's team is sufficiently dysfunctional, he will assume that the sticky and the material are from his boss. Watch the worker ant go at it and find out that it was a hoax in the end.

7. 'M' and 'N' swap

In this office revenge prank, waste some of your victim's time by getting him to make typos. Remove the 'm' and 'n' keys from the keyboard and put the 'm' key back into the 'n' slot and vice versa. This works well if your victim needs to look at the keyboard while typing.

8. Wireless Keyboard Typos

Extend your typo giving abilities by purchasing a cheap wireless keyboard! While your victim is away, be sure you plug in the wireless keyboard's wireless transmitter to a USB port into your victim's computer hidden away from plain sight. This prank works best if you're close enough to hear your victim type, so everytime you hear him tapping away on a document, randomly and ever so silently press a random key to trip him up. Guaranteed fun until the wireless transmitter is discovered.

9. Wallpaper Messages

This prank is simple. Create a wallpaper with a slogan that opposes the values or orientation of your victim and copy it to a thumb-drive. For example, if your victim is a homophobic straight guy, a wallpaper saying "I 'heart' gays" may give some passers-by some laughs at the expense of your victim. Copy it into your victim's computer and set the picture as a wallpaper. Be sure to have a lot of practice doing this quickly to minimize your chances of being caught.

If your victim's computer is at all slow, abort your mission as you will likely be caught and fired.

10. Microsoft Word AutoWrong

In this office revenge prank, you'll be altering the AutoCorrect feature of your victim's word-processor to become 'naughty'. You can refer this article here (opens in new window) to find out more about messing around with AutoCorrect in Microsoft Word 2007.

Now comes the fun part of figuring out what to change. At best, your victim will not detect the mistakes that AutoCorrect will introduce into a document, and at worst he'll just waste some time undoing the damage. A funny way to get revenge is to introduce 'sms speak' into the document by changing words like 'you' to 'u' and 'to' to '2'. It will certainly take off the professional edge of your victim. For ideas on replacing Autocorrect with textspeak, check out this article at Wikipedia (opens new window).

11. Shocking Stapler

Are you tired of your staplers being stolen? Get even with the shocking stapler. Place this baby on your work desk and the perpetrator(s) will get taught a lesson they will not soon forget.

12. Fake Termination Letter

If you discover some tension between management and your victim, you can exploit it with this office revenge prank. This could be one of the most evil office revenge pranks, so don't use it - ever. I've included it only for completeness of this article.

Scrounge around your office for a document with your company letterhead and scan the letterhead. Better still if you find blank paper with your company letterhead. Craft a termination letter addressed to your victim, and put it in an envelope with your company name, then place it on your victim's desk while he's away. You can refer to a sample termination letter here.

If your victim is an impulsive jerk, prepare to watch some fireworks.

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