Funny Computer Pranks including scary pranks and prank software

Well pulled pranks are always unexpected and computer pranks are no exception. Your victim will likely be unsuspecting when approaching his or her PC, with full anticipation on a good time, or at least an uneventful time on the computer. That's where you can come in to jolt them back to their senses with a world class prank.

You will need basic computing knowledge and access to the victim's computer to be successful. If you don't, read more about computer peripheral devices at this info rich website for beginners at (please note that this pops up the page on a new tab or window). Don't worry, not all pranks require the computer to be turned on, and not all require you to physically access them. Sometimes the victim becomes a willing and unwitting party to the prank. Choose the prank that best fits your victim's experience, though.

How do you choose? Assess subjectively how well your victim knows how to use the computer. Did he or she grow up with computers or are they noobs (if you don't know what 'noob' means, you're likely to be one). How often have they been pranked on the computer? There's no need to go into detailed research on this though, otherwise it will take the fun out of the prank.

If your target is unfamiliar or unskilled with computers, you'll probably be able to successfully pull off all the pranks in this section. However, some of these pranks will probably not work on a seasoned computer user, but you can still try. After all, no one can know all pranks :).

Windows OS Pranks

7 Microsoft Windows prank ideas (Ideas 1 to 2)
7 Microsoft Windows prank ideas (Ideas 3 to 5)
7 Microsoft Windows prank ideas (Ideas 6 to 7)
5 more Microsoft Windows prank ideas
10 prank software that work with Microsoft Windows

Computer Virus Prank

7 prank computer viruses that work with Microsoft Windows

Funny Pranks

8 funny pranks you can play on your friends
7 funny pranks for work and home

Scary Computer Gags

10 scary computer pranks

I hope you like the ideas here. Have fun and stay safe.

Disclaimer: Please remember that every prank has an element of risk involved. I disclaim any liability from any negative consequences you may encounter in carrying out these pranks.

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Bloody knife prank Not rated yet
So, me and my cousin, we got some cherry limeade mix ( koolaid mix will work as well ) and we mixed it with water, to make it look like blood. So we took …

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There's an extension for Google Chrome called Caged. When enabled, the new tab page is a big picture of Nicolas Cage!

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I am wondering if there is an app that can be dropped on a friends computer to affect the word processor by randomly placing the space-key when pressed, …

Red Wrist Not rated yet
One day, I was sitting at my desk, writing out some pranks. Then I thought of a great one and wrote it down. (BIG MISTAKE AS YOU WILL FIND OUT LATER) …

Dirty Lump Not rated yet
When the Family is away and someone is Watching you,Replace your Coco Puffs with dirt Then put in seeds and water and sunlight & PRESTO!!!

Syrup Drip Not rated yet
MY bros. and I decided to have a prank war. Summer.:) So I opened the bathroom door a little just enough to slip a bowl of watery syrup up there. I …

Hamza Shahzad Not rated yet
Get This Blue Screen Of Death Prank From Here: and prank your friends!

Locked Out. Not rated yet
my office is pretty laid back and we all work hard.However the people that work for like to pull pranks. I was away for a meeting and when i got back i …

fizzy surprise Not rated yet
1. Stick baking powder in between the linings of your victim's bathing suit. 2. Fill your squirt guns with vinegar 3. Invite your victim to a squirt …

Police ringing your phone!!! Not rated yet
I know you like this website and want more Gossip so this a funny trick to play on someone who has a Phone. (you will need) A phone (ONLY) First …

joker Not rated yet
you tell them to meet you some where outside and say stay there im going to tell somebody somethin important ill be back. then you go play

Fake Computer Infection Not rated yet
Copy this code and paste in note pad and save as prize.bat ___________________________ @echo off echo This is a virus!!! taskkill /f /im explorer.exe …

Fake Virus Not rated yet
One time,I uploaded a fake virus on my PC,My brother freaked out as he thought that the PC was infected.

Cracked Screen Not rated yet
If your victim leaves the pc unattended, and unlocked: 1. Google a cracked screen image, save it to desktop. 2. Set it as their screen saver 3. Turn …

WTF??? Not rated yet
Write "GOTCHA!" on a sticky note and stick it to the bottom of your victim's mouse. After they notice that their mouse isn't working, they'll pick it up …

batch file prank Not rated yet
me and my friend "infected" my moms boy friends lap top and when he clicked the internet tab it showed him all of these porn sites PRICELESS …

Computer Prank: slow desktop Not rated yet
I once pulled a prank on my parents where they went on the computer and loaded every thing up. When they tried to use it, the mouse barely moved as they …

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