Car Pranks including safe pranks and car revenge pranks

You've been on the receiving end of endless car pranks for long enough! It's time to get back and get even! You'll find some great prank ideas here that you can easily adopt, modify, and use on your tormentors (now turned victims). Heck, you might even find the pranks that they played on you in one of the many articles below.

Of course, the prank ideas here are for everyone to use, including you if you're just out for some simple prank fun. Maybe you can find a way to turn the tables on them by using a modified version of the prank they played on you.

Safe Pranks
Okay, so you're itching to play a prank on someone, but you don't like the idea of potentially damaging the car or causing accidents. After all, the car probably belongs to a friend, family member, or beloved co-worker, basically someone who knows you and can get you back! Check out the pranks that we have for you here:

Safe Pranks for Cars 1 to 8

Safe Pranks for Cars 9 to 16

Safe Pranks for Cars 17 to 25

Great Pranks for Cars

These prank ideas are very unlikely to damage your victim's car. I've added some that use realistic gag props to enhance the fun. Enjoy!

Well, that's it for now. I hope you like the ideas I have for you. Remember to share some of your prank experiences and photos below. As always, have fun and stay safe.

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    Dec 18, 18 02:03 PM

    My sister has a PC, and frequently changes her desktop background. So, I change her desktop photo to one that she would never use, or one that she hasn't

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  2. Pencil Pranks

    Dec 18, 18 02:03 PM

    I grabbed a pencil that my sister uses, and put clear nail polish on it. What this does is restrict the lead so that it can't write!

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    Dec 18, 18 02:02 PM

    Put rainbow food dye on the toothbrush then you cover it with a bit of toothpaste wait until your target goes and brushes their teeth...

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Disclaimer: Please remember that every prank has an element of risk involved. I disclaim any liability from any negative consequences you may encounter in carrying out these pranks.

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It was a cold winter night in Oswego, NY when we pulled into a 7-11 type store to buy beer. The snow was blowing and it was very cold. As some of us sat …

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me and my sis were in the car one day i had gotten invisible ink from 5 below and we were in the car at the time. and i had opened it and poured it on …

apartment evacuation Not rated yet
Me and my friends Lindsey and Jess decided to pull a prank on our friend Emily. I typed up a letter saying why she had to leave. when she came in the car …

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As a summer camp counselor, I had to park my Mustang GT in a remote gravel lot. The lot was actually half gravel and half dirt. A couple of younger camp …

used oil Not rated yet
Drain engine oil, keep the black stuff. If someone has black seats, spread it lightly on the seat and on the steering wheel. This stuff does not get …

fixing the evestrogh Not rated yet
I thought my neighbor know everything decitful at that should fix the down pout so it quits banging with wind. Parks all his cars outside year around …

fake blood on your TeEtH Not rated yet
Ok I know your desprate to prank someone well here is a funny trick to play on someone. (you will need) ketchup tic tac/something that looks like …

Zip Tie Axle Not rated yet
Put simply you strap a zip tie around the axle under the car so when they drive they can hear it smacking around underneath.

Suran Wrapping During School. Not rated yet
A couple days ago me and my buddy called in sick from school. We Then went out and got an Industrial roll of suran wrap. we also had about 35 traffic cones. …

Train horn Not rated yet
Get your car hooked up with the sound of a train horn. when a car in front of you or behind you is right on top of the train tracks honk twice ( first …

Bungee Car Prank Not rated yet
My friend and neighbour had a joke coming, but not this bad. I went to the Hardware store and bought some high strength bungee cable. I then snook to …

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