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I started experimenting with scary pranks first before I attempted other pranks. It can be one of the simplest to pull off that even little kids can do it on other little kids. As I grew up, I found out that playing these pranks on adults were just as simple, provided you know the mechanics of scare pranking. For those more resistant to scares, you'll need to take some trouble to identify their fears. Here, you'll get some prank ideas to invoke horror and terror in your victims.

Just so you know, terror is an immediate sense of personal danger, while horror is what you feel after seeing something fearful. We'll work from those angles on your victim.

There are a few steps that are common to most scare pranks. First is to put your victim into a 'safe' state where things around them appear to be normal and not suspicious. Next is to spring the object of your victim's fear, with accompanying sounds, if applicable. Finally comes the laughter and placating, the step to tell them that everything is okay and that it was just a prank.

Is there anyone you shouldn't play a scary prank on? Certainly. Don't play it on people who have known heart problems. Arguably, you shouldn't play these pranks on people who have martial arts training, a weapon or a gun as people have known to react to fear with violence, as shown in the video. However, you can modify some of these prank ideas to make sure the object of their fear does not involve a living creature.

That being said, on with the pranks ideas!

Scary Practical Jokes

Here you have it folks, a collection of scary prank ideas that you can use for almost all occasions and locations. Check out Scary Practical Jokes: 7 scary pranks to play on your friends. Here you'll find some of the best prank ideas that involve hidden spaces in the home, office or school. Once you're done with that, be sure to also see 5 funny scare pranks to try on your friends.

Scary Computer Pranks

There's nothing quite like scaring your friends while they feel safe in front of the computer. They won't see it coming, particularly if what you send to them seems harmless and fun. Though you might not be there to laugh at them in person, you can always laugh at them later when you see them.

For starters, try Scary Computer Pranks: 10 Scary Computer Pranks. It's a collection of 10 scary screamer flash games and quizzes that you can use on your friends. You can either send them the link to the flash via e-mail or the social media options (such as Facebook or Myspace). Or you can introduce the 'game' to your friends at your home.

Halloween Pranks

Looking for funny and scary Halloween pranks? Look no further. Check out these 5 Halloween prank tricks! You'll find 4 prank ideas to scare your victims with, and 1 to make them think you barfed on their candy!

Want more ways to scare, shock or surprise your victim? Check out 5 hilarious Halloween prank ideas. Want more variety of Halloween gag gift ideas instead? From photos that turn scary before your eyes to creating a customized Halloween prank kit, we have it here in The perfect Halloween gag gift: 5 ideas to choose from.

Enjoy the pranks and be careful!

Disclaimer: Please remember that every prank has an element of risk involved. I disclaim any liability from any negative consequences you may encounter in carrying out these pranks.

By the way, if you're looking for teen Halloween party ideas, do check out (opens in a new window).

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gothic prank 
1. put on dark makeup under eyes and black lipstick 2. put on a white dress or shirt (black pants) 3. put fake vampire blood on your hands and splatter …

Sink Prank. 
1.Get tape and put it under the faucet of your sink. 2.Make sure you put it on tight or it wont work. Now leave and wait for your first victim.When they …

Scary Yahoo Prank 
Basically, you type in this link that will take you to a "normal" yahoo page. When you are there, let the person you are about to prank, type in something …

scary Not rated yet
take your victim to an abandoned whatever then glue scary masks on the inside put spiders inthere and for added fun lock the door (remember to let victim …

the joy of life Not rated yet
Okay so thirteen or twelve years ago my mom and sister scared the hell out of me with popup pictures so i want to make a short video with a loud jump scare …

turn around!!' Not rated yet
So go up to some one and put ur face an inch away from them so when they turn they fall backwards and get startled..........sometimes people can see u …

Train!!!! Not rated yet
hold a black sheet over someone while they are sleeping and yell TRAIN!!!!!!! Do not do this to the elderly or people with heart problems.

scary maze prank Not rated yet
this is a prank that requires a straight face and someone who will not destroy a computer it is one of the funniest pranks I have ever done I was on my …

sugar mix up Not rated yet
This is a amazing prank what you do is you put two table spoons of sugar (white) in bowl then add salt hen grind it so it looks like the sugar the next …

die or live Not rated yet
Anyways my older sister got so annoying so i got tons of fake blood and put it all over my family's belongings and from that day on she has been doing …

spider  Not rated yet
in the bathroom stick a fake spider in the corner of the room when some goes to the toilet they will see the spider

Take a Drink Not rated yet
I've done a lot of pranks and quite experienced. This is one of the first pranks I thought of and did when I started. Its very simple, get 2 cans of soda …

cricket fun Not rated yet
collect a container of crickets and put it in your teachers desk drawer

simple fake spider scare Not rated yet
best for someone that is terrified of spiders what i did was i got a wooden box with a clasp and filled it with tiny fake spiders that i got from a $2 …

duct tape axe bottles Not rated yet
Duct tape 3 Or more axe bottles and throw it in a room and shut the door. Damien: I'm assuming that you're taping down the nozzle on the body spray. …

text message Not rated yet
first you have to tell your friend to text another friend to go in a room second you hide behind the door last when your friend passes the door you jump …

Your personal stalker Not rated yet
Put on a scary mask and hide behind the shower curtain in the bathroom. When your victim comes in to pee, come out of the shower and announce that you …

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well we saw that 2 people were coming up stairs in the building so we ran around the corner where there was an apartment door open then we yelled booooo …

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