6 Scary Computer Pranks

After subjecting myself to a barrage of scary computer pranks, I proudly bring you the top 10, in no particular order. I've set up a page that doesn't arouse much suspicion for your use, except that the domain name indicates that this is a prank website. It just sporting got to give your victims a chance to realize they're being pranked.

Be aware that once you'll probably not be able to play pranks from the same site on the same friend anytime soon, so choose wisely! One more very important thing - get your victims to TURN UP THE SOUND! Enjoy!

1. Scary Maze Prank

A Maze

This is the classic of all scary computer pranks. It starts with a maze game in which you navigate the maze with your mouse. Starts with 2 easy to win levels, then it captures your full attention towards the end of the third level. Then it suddenly flashes a picture of a scary face accompanied by a horrifying shriek. Click on one of the maze pictures above to play the game.

You can pester your victim to play or you can play the scary maze game while they watch. Make sure you turn the volume up. It helps to practice to anticipate when the shriek will come so you'll be able to laugh when your victim freaks out. The downside is that you won't be able to see your victims scream in fright if they're using their computers at home.

2. Satanic Messages in Music

Music interface showing Stairway to Heaven

I'm sure you've heard about how some music played backwards contains satanic verses? Got a friend who's into paranormal stuff like this? Get them to check out a catalog of songs that contain this phenomena. Kinda scary as it lulls you into a sense of security without scaring you for the first few songs.

3. Fire Safety with Ready Freddy the Fire Teddy

Ready Freddy the Fire Teddy pointing at a boiling pot on a stove

This scary computer prank is disguised as an interactive fire safety game targeted at little kids. While there is a special place in hell for people who like to scare little kids and see them cry, I included this prank because you can prank parents who might want to review this ;). Best watched in a group.

4. Color Deficiency Test

Color blind test screen shot

This is a great prank to pull off on a person who's worried about having eye problems, particularly color blindness. Heck, it'll work on just about everyone because it starts with a fairly legitimate color-blind test and ends with a screamer.

5. Annoy The Hindu

Cartoon of a Hindu Indian man

So you have a friend who loves poking red dots on foreheads. Or someone who just loves irritating Hindus. Send them this prank and cure them of their compulsion.

6. White Christmas Game

Cartoon of a hand with the index finger wiping frosting off a window

It's the Christmas season, so it's time to spread some Christmas cheer/fear! Have fun helping your friends discover the secret of the season (or at least the secret of this "game").

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