Links to List of Pranks and Humor Related Resources.

A prank idea, like any other idea, needs materials to develop. I've provided a list of pranks and humor related materials to help you glean more ideas to design some of your own pranks. I've found these resources rather entertaining and inspiring, and I hope you will too.

Of course, when you've designed and executed a successful prank, please share it with us!

The Links

Funny Email For Everyone
Click above to be the first to forward UNIQUE jokes, cartoons and humor on to your friends. It’s free!

Teambuilding Leader
There are a lot of prank opportunities in a teambuilding event. You just need to understand the format to know where to look. Click the link above to check out some teambuilding ideas that might come to your workplace soon!

Check out the Entertainment->Humor in Directory World. There are some good stuff there.

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