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I've never played any prank phone calls in my life. Even if I have, I will never admit to it ;). You should never openly admit to it either. Why?

In some countries, prank calls are illegal. However, enforcement of the law against prank calls are generally lax as the "crime" isn't as serious when compared to other crimes. The limited amount of resources of law enforcement agencies in the world are better spent elsewhere, so pranksters of this sort usually get away with the pranks.

There are exceptions that you should stay away from for both your sake and others. Leave emergency services alone. You'll never know when you need their help and you certainly won't want a prankster tying up the line that could save your life. Don't create a bomb scare or a similarly threatening phone call - it's just not funny and it could be interpreted as criminal intimidation.

Other than that, use your judgment to select the right prank phone call for you. Whether you want to make prank calls to a friend, an establishment or a telemarketer, you'll find it here eventually.

Funny Names Prank Calls

For these types of prank calls, you'll call up an establishment and ask for a person with a funny name. The humor is in the pronunciation of the name itself - when your victim on the other line says it, it sounds a lot like something else. This type of prank was made popular by "The Tube Bar Prank Calls" series of tapes and the Simpsons. Check out Hilarious names for prank calls for an extensive list of names you can try.

Hilarious Prank Calls

If you want to make your victim's world seem a little more surreal, engage them in a funny twist of words, fool them into believing the unbelievable, see the pranks in 7 funny prank calls.

Telemarketer Pranks

Have you been consistently annoyed by a telemarketer at your home? You might as well have some fun with them with the prank ideas in 11 Telemarketer prank ideas and 6 more Telemarketer Prank Calls.

Telephone Pranks

Well, if you're not really into calling people for kicks, you can still play a prank on the telephone itself. For phone set pranks, you can take a look at 7 funny phone pranks. What if you want to mess with your victim's cell phone? Check out 8 amusing cell phone pranks to pull on your friends.

Enjoy the pranks and be careful!

Disclaimer: Please remember that every prank has an element of risk involved. I disclaim any liability from any negative consequences you may encounter in carrying out these pranks.

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