7 funny phone pranks

No matter how sophisticated a phone user is, he will always fall victim to phone pranks once at least. Here are seven prank ideas you can try.

Phone Prank 1. Phantom Phone

In this prank, you'll be drawing your victim to the phone repeatedly and in vain using the house phone's ringtone, except that the phone is not ringing. There are two options of devices that you can use for this prank. You can use a battery powered audio player that has a remote control. You can alternatively use an A/C outlet powered audio player in any media (e.g. tape, CD, DVD or MP3) connected to a wireless appliance controller. The wireless appliance controller allows you to control the ringing by cutting off the electric current to the audio player.

When your victim is out, use another phone to call the target house phone. Record the sounds onto your chosen audio media and format. If possible, record it when there is minimal background noise and be sure to keep yourself very quiet as well. Once you have about 10 minutes of ringing recorded, your fun can begin.

Place the audio player in a discreet location, such as a nearby bookshelf or in the midst of clutter on the desk. If you're using an audio player that relies on a power outlet (you know, then one connected to the wireless appliance controller), run the wire under the table discreetly to the wall power outlet. Use tape to hold the wire under the table.

If you're using the wireless appliance controller, hit the play button while the controller is off - with your remote control of course. For the battery controlled audio player, just keep it on standby for your controller to activate later. Tell your victim that you're heading elsewhere, and then hide nearby to play your prank.

Start the ringing. When your victim comes to pick up the phone, kill the recording. Once he's steps out, play it again. Have fun confusing your victim over and again.

2. Continuous Ringing

This phone prank will make your victim's efforts to answer the phone in vain, for a while at least. See the button in the phone handle carriage? Tape that down and then call your victim. When he picks up the receiver, that button will stay down, and the phone will keep ringing until he removes it.

3. Staining the receiver

For this phone prank, stain your victim's ears with some sneaky application of powder, ink or grease. If you want something quick and nasty, apply some grease onto the earpiece of the phone receiver. When your victim answers the phone next, chances are he's not going to inspect the phone handle before placing it to his ear (unless he's been pranked this way many times).

Your victim is going to feel the grease straight away. For a more subtle prank, apply some ink to a dark phone or some baby powder to a light colored one. These will stain his ears, and more often than not he won't notice what happened. You can then have the pleasure of asking him "Don't you ever wash your ears?".

4. Disconnected Cord

In this phone prank, you'll be disconnecting the cord that is attached to the phone receiver. Of course, you're not going to disconnect it. Just unhook the cord, put some clear tape over the copper connectors of the cord, then plug it back into the phone. Call your target and when he picks up the phone, he'll hear nothing and think that the phone is broken after a few calls.

Then mess with him further by removing the clear tape from the cord lead. Repeat the prank several times to prolong the fun.

5. Glued together

In this phone prank, you're going to ensure that the phone receiver and cradle are inseparable. No, we won't be using glue but we will be using industrial strength Velcro to do the trick. Glue just damages the phone, so stick the Velcro to parts where the receiver meets the cradle. The next time your victim rushes to pick up a call, he'll be picking up the whole phone too!

6. Tape on earpiece

This phone prank will make your victim think that his phone's earpiece is on the fritz. Place a small clear piece of sticky tape over the earpiece of the receiver. Ideally, open up the phone and place it on the opening from the inside of the receiver so your victim won't be able to see it. When someone calls your victim, the tape will block some of the sound making the caller's voice very soft to your victim.

As with any good prank idea, mess with your victim's mind by removing the clear tape at the next opportunity after the first few calls. Then replace it in again after your victim has had a few 'good' calls.

7. Tape on mouthpiece

Unlike the last phone prank, in this one you'll be placing tape on the mouthpiece instead. The person on the other end of your victim's line won't be able to hear much, so your victim will have to shout loudly. Once again, remove the tape after a "bad" phone call and replace the tape after a "good" phone call at every opportunity to throw your victim off-track.

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