Birthday pranks including Birthday Gag Gifts and Prank Ideas

Birthday pranks are really fun to play for a variety of reasons. It's really fun if you play it on someone you actually like and has a great sense of humor. After all, you're taking the time to think about your birthday friend on his or her special day (although you're just planning something cheeky). I'm quite sure that your friend will remember your prank and gift for years to come if it's executed well.

My favorite prank was played by my mum on me this one time. She baked a cake for me, but she used salt instead of sugar! Imagine my surprise when I bit into the cake. Of course, she claimed she was just an innocent mistake, but I knew better. Still, it was quite funny when I think back about it. Here are some prank ideas you can use to play on your friend. Be sure that you're doing it because you like this friend, otherwise it will take the fun out of the prank.

Anyway, enjoy the pranks I've compiled for you below!

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cup prank 
Put hole in the bottom of the cups with a sharp pencil.

present prank Not rated yet
So, I went to my friends birthday party and I brought two gifts. 1 the prank present and 2 the real one. I made sure I gave her the prank one first. She …

Cup in alarm Not rated yet
Get a Gatorade bottle and cut a small slip into the bottle. Insert the phone in the cup with an alarm set up then air the wrapper back on and wait for …

Prank Musical Birthday Card Not rated yet
There are a million "funny" birthday cards but it is tiring always buying them and not really being that funny. Until I gave them the card that plays an …

glue chair prank Not rated yet
i mixed rubber cement and concentraited orange juice mix and put on 20 chairs which made a fast drying body heat activated super glue

5 awesome pranks Not rated yet
1.Poke a hole in a zip lock bag and fill it with mayo.Knife a dougnut and squeeze in the mayo.Whatch your friends bit into a perfectly discusting treat! …

scary chair on face Not rated yet
well, I guess you all have heard of putting a chair on face while sleeping prank right.. well I have a new thing to add to that. what if you stick a scary …

Smartphone too smart? Not rated yet
If your friend has a smart phone, go to Settings, general, keyboard, then shortcuts on their iPhone. Make a shortcut for pecan pie. This works best with …

Duck tape Not rated yet
Get something you know will make the gift receiver laugh. Place the gift in a box and wrap it in colorful duck tape as many times as you can. This will …

Gift bag of money Not rated yet
My cousin did this to me last year. He rolled random amounts of money then put them all it to separate bags. At first he brought them to me one by one …

Frozen Money Not rated yet
On my friends birthday I didnt know what to get her and to me, money is sometimes a bit unthoughtful and not creative. So, I came up with a fun prank that …

the odd trickeroo Not rated yet
ok this one ive done on christmas and on my brother .we had a wii and he really wanted the new indiana jones 2 game he has saw on commercials .so i told …

Ex Girlfriend Drama Not rated yet
I asked my friend if he has ever talked to his ex-girlfriend since the break-up he said no . . . i asked him if his conversations with her would be awkward …

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