40th birthday gag gift ideas: 5 easy gift suggestions

There's nothing like a 40th birthday gag gift to help the birthday "boy" or "girl" celebrate an important milestone! Why not help your friend embrace his or her age with one of these five easy gag gift ideas.

1. Fun puzzle

Here’s one gag gift idea for the jigsaw puzzle enthusiast. Get a nice 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle set as a gift. Then repack the puzzle’s pieces in a new box and wrap it nicely. Give the pieces as a birthday gift, saying how you thought the birthday boy or girl might enjoy a different challenge. Let’s see if he can piece the puzzle together without the original picture!

2. Newly balding kit

Here's another 40th birthday gag gift for men. Poke fun at the age with a newly balding kit! Create this kit with a cool box and fill it with funny items related to balding. Examples would be a bald man’s comb, a comprehensive comb-over guide and a couple of dome polish polishing cloths (just to name a few). You can even include a razor for him to shave it all! Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made newly balding gag kits online. Many gag gift sellers offer this kit for cool prices. This light-hearted gift will bring smiles and laughter to the birthday!

3. Poor man’s Viagra

Turning forty has its worries, and one of those for men is his performance in bed. For this funny 40th birthday gag gift, all you need is a roll of duct tape. Wrap it as your gift and label it as “Poor man’s Viagra”. Remember to attach a note saying, “Once it’s up, this keeps it up!”. This gift will leave the birthday boy in stitches!

4. Gag badge

Gag badges are a simple but reliable as a gag gift. So make one as your friend’s 40th birthday gag gift! A lot of craft stores sell DIY badge-making kits which can be used to create customized badges with funny lines.

Alternatively, you can make a small wearable sign. Some hilarious ideas to put on the badge are like “Not 40, just $39.95 plus tax” and “Age: 18+22 years of experience”. It’d be even funnier if you can use personal jokes and trivia to make lines that are personal to the recipient!

5. 40th birthday survival kit

We’re like survival kits, and here’s one more: the 40th birthday survival kit! This DIY kit is easy to assemble and is quite hilarious too. The idea is to insert old-age related gear into a nice box or a bag.

You can include funny items, e.g. a pair of flip-flops labeled “L” and “R”. You can also include a small notebook (with strings to hang around the neck) labeled “Where I parked my car”, and a pair of cheap reading glasses. You can also insert a sticky name tag that says “Senior citizen”! There are many other kinds of things that would be funny too, so use your creativity to create an awesome gag survival kit. This gift is guaranteed to leave everyone at the party rolling in laughter!

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