Funny Pranks including April Fools Pranks and Evil Pranks

The funniest of the funny pranks are usually the ones that you play in the spur of the moment. You spot an opportunity to play a prank and then you just go out and do it! I've added this section for pranks that are uncategorized, but funny! Enjoy!

Practical Jokes and Pranks

If you're looking for pranks that are confusing, sneaky or disgusting, look no further.

7 practical jokes and pranks to try
7 hilarious pranks to play on your friends
5 Great Prank Ideas for the Prankster
5 funny prank ideas for gullible targets

Harmless and Safe Pranks

If you're looking for some relatively harmless pranks that probably won't cause you to lose a friend (unless they're very easily upset), you might want to read

7 Funny and Harmless Pranks
7 Safe Pranks to play on people

Easy Funny Pranks

If you're looking for easy pranks to play on your friends, try 8 Easy Pranks to spring on your unsuspecting victims. Of course, the pranks listed are funny too despite being easy to pull off.

Pranks for Public Spaces

What if you're looking to make people who pass by your art (prank is art in a way) do a double take? From making a suicidal dummy to mimicking public signs, you can find some great ideas here at

5 Funny Gag Ideas for Public Spaces
7 funny elevator prank ideas

Evil Pranks

Well, there's always an evil side to everything, including something as fun as playing pranks. 7 Evil Prank Ideas to NOT try for some prank ideas that are evil but not very harmful. Be prepared to lose a friend if you intend to play them.

Drunk Pranks

Ever been pranked on when you were drunk, or close to it? No? Good time to get the ball rolling. Whether your friend is awake or asleep, as long as he or she is drunk, there are prank ideas for you here.

10 awesome drunk pranks
7 drunk prank ideas for drunken friends.

Have fun with these prank ideas and stay safe.
Disclaimer: Please remember that every prank has an element of risk involved. I disclaim any liability from any negative consequences you may encounter in carrying out these pranks.

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Funny Bathroom Prank 
To play this prank you need: A cantaloupe A bottle or two of water Go to a local store. After a few minutes of "browsing" start acting like you …

Well i have a 18 year old brother who always plays pranks on me so let me share a few of my pranks with you pranksters! 1.Put Nail Polish in his hair. …

Homophobe Prank 
Got a homophobic friend? If you do you should try this prank. Get a picture from a gay magazine then edit it so their heads go on the photo, then distribute …

Masking Tape 
For this prank, you need one thing: masking tape. This prank is really simple. Just wait til you are alone in the house, and tape random stuff down. I …

Water, water everywhere... Not rated yet
A variation on the "disposable cups of water filling the room" classic. Instead of stapling all of the cups together, try the following: take two cups …

grade 4 just went crazy Not rated yet
i put string connected from table to table and everyone started tripping soo funny to watch

Good Idea!  Not rated yet
Heres one, buy liquid ass and put in some ones shampoo!

begger Not rated yet
Whenever you want to go places have the neatest handwriting kid in the house write a note to your parents saying that they have to take you there. Bee …

Mickey Mouse Not rated yet
OK now this prank works real good if you have a "BIG SCHOOL BUILDING" & they let you take 2 lockers during your year, so that if you possibally have …

That's not my drink!!!!!!! Not rated yet
This is a good funny easy harmless prank to play on your dad. All you need is lemonade and coke. 1. Mix lemonade and coke in a bottle and shake it up …

The most awkward silence Not rated yet
This isn't a prank, it's more of a joke. So any way,when there's an awkward silence moment in your classroom like when you're taking a test or something, …

Plastic Wrap Sleeping Prank Not rated yet
1. Wait for your victim to fall asleep on a bed. 2. Get a friend to help you wrap plastic wrap over the victim's body and under the bed. 3. Do this …

in the bed Not rated yet
before your victim goes to bed put glue on there pillow and cling wrap on the bed and put honey , ketchup , soy sauce. And before you go out get the rest …

hilarious public bathroom prank Not rated yet
ok, you and some of your friends meet up at your house and get a gym bag and put a cantelope in it, next take a trip to a store with a public bathroom …

"frozen " Not rated yet
all you need is a victim's item some water and a disposable cup 1.put the item into the cup 2.put water in the cup 3.put the cup in the freezer

Silly putty door nob Not rated yet
You need silly putty. You just gotta put a small wad of silly putty on the underside of a door nob, and wait for your victim. (You should put the silly …

"Suicidal" jump off balcony prank Not rated yet
2 friends and I took part in a play when we were 15 and practice was in this 2-floor hall in town. It was the first day of practice when I was in the practice …

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