7 Safe Pranks to play on people

Looking for some safe pranks that won't cause you to lose friends due to social reasons or death? Try out these 7 prank ideas that we have for you.

1. Jello Juice Bottle

If you notice someone you know carrying around a water bottle with them everyday, you have a victim for this prank. You'll need to purchase or borrow an identical bottle. It shouldn't be too difficult to find, a little small talk with your victim and you should know where he got his bottle. When you've purchased the bottle, pour in some water and add in some agar or konjac jelly base into it. Add in some food coloring to match your victim's favorite drink - if it's colored. Then let it harden in the fridge.

To prepare the konjac jelly, boil the mix for 3 minutes, then add some lime-water to add into the boiling jelly mix. The lime-water is made by mixing a quarter teaspoon of pickling lime to 5 tablespoons of water.

There should be a time when your victim will leave his bottle unattended. Swap the bottles and see the reaction on your victim's face when he tries to take a swig from his water bottle.

2. Please Hold My Rope

This safe prank works best in a public place at the corner of a building. It certainly helps if you have a hard hat if you're an adult. If you're a teenager, you can convince someone to play along by saying you're doing this for a school project. Take a long measuring tape and ask someone to hold one end for you. Tell them you're measuring something. Take the other end of the tape and move it around the corner and ask someone else to hold it for you.

After both hands are held up by your victims, retreat to a safe distance to watch how long they will hold it for you before quitting or finding out about each other.

3. A"Maze"-ing Garage Sale

Create a maze in your own neighborhood with the safe prank idea. Create yard sale or garage sale posters and place them around your neighborhood in the cover of the night. No addresses, just use arrows to show the way - around your neighborhood of course. If your victim does follow the arrows, he'll soon find that he's been going in circles looking for a yard sale that doesn't exist.

4. Fishing for People

Place a purse tied to string, then place it on the road. When a driver stops to pick it up, pull it out of sight quickly when the driver is not looking.

5. Phone Under Chair

Acquire your victim's cell phone, then tape the phone under a chair. Call it and watch your victim look around for it in vain. Unlike sources of light, the source of sound is a lot harder to pinpoint. And yes, this is definitely a safe prank to pull on your friend.

6. Kitchen Spray Nozzle

If your kitchen has a spray nozzle, tie a rubber-band around the lever of the nozzle head. Be sure to point the nozzle at where your victim is likely to be standing. The next time your victim tries to use without looking to check first, he'll get hosed with water.

7. Fake Juice

Do you have someone in mind who just loves juices or sports drinks and who just keep drinking yours? If so, he's your victim. Fill up your bottle with water, then add in some food coloring to simulate the drink. Optionally dissolve as much salt as you can into the water and/or mix in concentrated clear vinegar into it.

You can expect quite an amusing facial expression when your victim drinks some of your "delicious" drink and finds out that it's not what he expected it to be!

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