7 Funny and Harmless Pranks

Looking for some harmless pranks to play on your friend? Here are 7 for you to try out.

Harmless Prank 1. Plane Crash!

In this prank, you'll be scaring the daylights out of your victim if he ever falls asleep next to you on the plane. When your victim falls asleep, ask the flight attendant if you could borrow the demonstration oxygen mask. Chances are good that you will be able to do so. Put on the mask, then shake your victim awake shouting "Put your mask on! We're going down fast!". Watch as your victim reacts in horror and looks for a mask at the ceiling, only to realize that there are no masks hanging down. On top of that, the plane isn't even crashing.

2. Bad Reading Glasses

Want to make your victim think that his eyesight is getting worse? Get his reading glasses and use a layer of saran wrap on it. It's rather tough to trim the edges to fit the lenses, but it's doable to great effect. Once your victim puts on the glasses, he'll think he's going blind. Blame it on watching too much TV.

3. Pants "Rip"

In this prank idea, you'll fool your victim into thinking that his pants ripped. First, to make the sound effects you will need some Velcro or some old cloth that you can tear. If you're using old cloth, be sure to make a cut into the edge first. It's easier to tear the cloth along the cut rather than from an uncut edge.

Tear the Velcro or the cloth as your victim gets up from a chair. You'll know you have pranked him when he checks his pants for a tear.

4. Black Eye

Make your victim look like a raccoon with this harmless prank idea. You need a little charcoal to smear on your victim's binoculars or even a pay per view one in public. Your target will get black rings around his

5. Raining Confetti

It's a rainy day, and your victim has left his umbrella unattended. Now's your chance to strike with this harmless prank. Grab some confetti from your stash and put a handful into your victim's umbrella. Be sure that there are no tell-tale traces around the edges so that your victim won't notice the confetti. When he opens up the umbrella, you know what happens next.

6. UFO Sky Lanterns

Is your victim a UFO buff that you want to play a prank on? Purchase some sky lanterns and send them floating over his house. It will help to release the lanterns when the wind is blowing towards your victim's home or location. Of course, this harmless prank won't work if you release the lanterns in wet weather or strong winds.

Not sure what sky lanterns are? They are lanterns made out of rice paper on a bamboo frame. Light a candle in the lantern and it floats off into the sky, much like a mini hot air balloon. While it's common in some Asian cultures, a lot of people from other cultures might not have seen these and may classify these as UFO. To find out more about these lanterns, and how they work, click here to go to Wikipedia (opens a new window).

Want to make one of your own? Click here to see how (Opens new window to another website).You're better off buying these though.

7. Pool Cue Prank

Play pool? Try out this prank on your friend. Place any ball at one end of the table and dare your victim just to strike it at the other end of the table - after walking three rounds around the pool table while focusing on the white ball. While he's walking around the pool table (and not looking at you), lick your finger and wipe off the chalk at the end of the stick. Pass him the cue stick once he's done. Your victim will likely miss and may try again. And again.

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