Month old mouldy food prank (This one is a classic)

by Abigail
(Beijing, China)

Once, when I was in fourth grade, there was this bully, and he used to bully everyone that got in his way. So, I decided to end his bullying days once and for all... by a prank. This one is super gross, but you won't get caught. I think... First, get a kind of food that doesn't have that much smell, like bread. Then, when your victim isn't looking, stuff a small piece of bread into his coat pocket. That person isn't likely to wash his coat for at least a week, but the pocket stays warm and moist. The bread turns mouldy, and when the smell starts to come out, it'll be too late. When your victim smells the mouldy bread, and he/she stuffs his/her hand into the pocket, that deserving guy guy is gonna be in for a BIG surprise!!! MOULDY BREAD!!!! AWESOME!! This trick worked like magic for me, and it was HI-LA-RI-OUS!! You should've seen the look on his face!! HAHA! Classic...

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