Chair prank (includes running away. You, not the dude you're pranking)

by Abigail
(Beijing, China)

This prank is perfect if you are having a playdate and if you wanna prank your mom or dad or someone. Oh wait, probably not a good idea. No, your parents might chase you around with a stick. Not beat you, but chase you into your room and lock you in there until dinner. Meh.

You'll need two chairs, and a bed sheet.A huge bed sheet. Oh, and also a buddy. Put the chairs one meter apart, then cover the two chairs with your bed sheet so it looks like a sofa. Then ask your buddy to sit on one of the chairs while you sit on another, and if someone else comes around, then ask him/her to sit with you guys. He/she is probably gonna go for the middle. Then you and your buddy should stand up the minute his/her butt touches the bed sheet and then he/she is gonna fall to the floor because nothing's supporting his/her weight.

Then run away to somewhere safe, or that dude's gonna kill you. Cheers!

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