5 Funny Prank Ideas for Public Spaces

Looking for funny prank ideas to try on an unsuspecting public? Here are 5 good ones for you to consider and laugh with.

1. No Parking

What happens if you place a fake "No Parking" sign next to a parking lot? Well, either a whole lot of people will avoid parking there, or they'll just park there anyway? Now what if law enforcement officers come by and see a parked car under said sign. Will they know it's a dud, or will ticket and tow the cars?

The main ingredient of this funny prank idea (the parking sign) can be easily purchased off the web. Just search for "No Parking Signs" and relevant searches will come up.

2. Speed Limit

What about a fake speed limit sign? What will happen if you place a very low speed limit on a road with a high speed limit? Will the drivers slow down? Just as the last funny prank idea, custom made parking sign can easily be bought off the web.

3. Traffic Police

In my country, the presence of police by the road usually indicates a speed trap operation. These guys will be armed with speed-guns to catch any would be speed demons along the road. Occasionally I'd spot some fake enforcement officers. From afar, these fakes look like the real deal but as you close in you'll realize that it's either a full sized cut-out or a poster.

The fakes sure fool a lot of people because most traffic that pass by these tend to slow down. Just my observation. Anyway, this means that you can pull a prank on folks with a fake cop cutout placed indiscreetly by the road, or set up a speed trap scene with dummies. Of course, you'll need to make some observations about your local police and make believable adjustments for this funny prank idea to work.

4. Suicidal Dummy

This prank was inspired by some creative advertising that I've seen in the past. One was a poster of a guy hanging on to the edge of a (then) popular mall that I used to go to. The other was a dummy on a diving board fixed on a billboard by the highway. Both were really eye-catching and made me wonder if that was really a person - at least for a split second.

You can easily reproduce this prank at your own or a victim's house. You'll need a mannequin to dress up, preferably. An inflatable one will work well enough, but if you can't get your hand on either, try making your own.

The video just shows you how to make a body form for a lady, but you can adapt these techniques to make your own limbs and head for the dummy, then thread them together. If you're making a male mannequin, you can just skip over the details at the chest area. You should also skip the steps to make the stand for the body form. When your mannequin is ready, he'll have flexible arms that you can position in any way you want.

Dress him up, set him up to hang from somewhere and your prank is set up! Have fun with this one.

5. Suicidal Roof Dummy

As a variation of the previous funny prank idea, dress up the inflatable dummy as yourself, then plant him out of sight on the roof of a building that's not tall enough to be out of sight by normal pedestrians. Go up to the roof and try to catch the attention of an approaching pedestrian. Then go out of view, grab your dummy and toss him over the roof. Remember, use only the inflatable dummy or you might injure someone below.

You might want to bring an extra change of clothes to slip into before you leave the building, if you want to slip out unnoticed.

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