5 Great Prank Ideas for the Prankster

Looking for some great prank ideas? Here are 5 funny pranks for you to try.

1. Mr.Intruder Outline on the Window

In this prank idea, you'll make your victim think that there's an intruder staring in at them through the window at night - even if the window isn't at the ground floor! You'll need a piece of cardboard to make your intruder out of, a long stick to hold 'him' up, and a cheap flashlight. Optionally, you can include 2 light emitting diodes and a circuit to control the lights to make the eyes of the intruder.

Cut the cardboard to a life-sized scale of the outline of a person's upper body, that is from a person's head to the bottom of his ribs. Be sure to paint him black if he's not already black. Attach Mr.Intruder to the pole with Staples or super-glue. Then attach the LEDs to his head, and be sure to allow for as long a wire as you need to make sure the switch is on the ground when you prop him up.

Now you're ready to use Mr.Intruder. Be sure to find a place to hide or plan your getaway before starting. Prop him up against your victim's bedroom window, then prop your flashlight so that it will shine on Mr.Intruder. This will create an outline of a person at the window. If you've added LED eyes, turn them on, then hide in your hiding spot and watch. If no one notices it, you could help 'tap' at the window with the help of of some uncooked beans that you could throw at it - soft enough not to cause damage, but hard enough to tap at the window.

Have fun when your victim wakes up and thinks that someone is staring at them through the window.

2. Spotted you in the news

This is a great prank idea to use on someone you suspect frequents a place that few want to be caught in by their loved ones, e.g. an adult video store or such. You can call up your victim or casually mention to your victim that you saw a local news piece on the other day on adult video stores and you saw him walking out of the store in the background. The conversation could go many ways from here, but the general idea is to keep insisting you saw him until you get a confession or a good response, then tell him it was a joke.

3. Party Poppers

Remember those party poppers that shoot out confetti or strings when you pulled the string on it? Well, you can fill it up with flour or cream and set it up as a trap! Gently remove the cardboard cap covering the opening of the popper. Remove the confetti inside, then gently pour in some cream or flour. Replace the cardboard covering.

There are several choices for delivery of this prank. You can sneak up to your victim and pop it at them, or setup a tripwire at the doorway.

4. Yummy Carrot Goldfish

In this great prank idea, you'll need to use your carving skills to carve up the shape of a goldfish from a carrot. It doesn't need to be particularly realistic, but it should look like the outline of a fish to be convincing. Once you have your carrot fish, hold it in the palm of your hands and head towards your victim's aquarium. Use your pinky to disturb the water without dipping the carrot while saying, "Nice fish you have here. Wonder if they're delicious". Then quickly pop the carrot fish into your mouth when you know your victim is looking.

5. Onioned Dessert

Drip some onion juice into your victim's dessert or treat. Make sure it's hidden under or in the middle of the dessert, not at the surface. This will reduce the chances of your victim finding out about it through its smell before tasting it. When they bite into their lovely dessert, watch them try to figure out where the odd smell is coming from.

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