10 awesome drunk pranks

Here are some drunk pranks you can try. All you need now is a drunk buddy to play it on!

1. Chilli Beer

Want to see if your drunk target can feel the heat? You'll need hot sauce for this funny prank. Check out the web - the key to selecting hot sauce is the Scoville Scale (opens in new window) Line the hot sauce along the rim of the glass, or add it to your victim's beer. Please don't end up "killing" your friend with anything hotter than a habanero.

2. Too much to drink

What happens to someone who had too much to drink? Well, it's either sleep, death or puking. Why let your friend off leaving you to drag his (or her) sorry behind back to bed? Get even by placing fake puke next to his or her face, and some around the room. It's a great way to remind them of the night before.

3. Half-a-pants

For this prank, you’ll need to prepare a pair of pants that is identical to the pair that the victim is wearing. Cut away the buttocks area of the pants beforehand, then discreetly bring it along with you. When the victim is drunk and passed out, change him into the pants that you prepared! When he wakes up, it’s a good bet he won’t notice quickly so this should be a riot!

4. Saran wrap

Wait until the victim is drunk enough, then use plastic wrap to wrap parts of his body. For instance, you can wrap both his hands from the fingers to the elbows, then the same for both his feet. His body, neck and face are great to wrap too. But be careful when wrapping the face area; make sure he can breathe normally. This prank is hilarious, since when he wakes up, his wrapped hands will make it difficult to open the plastic wrap!

5. Mummified

As the name suggests, this drunk prank uses a lot of toilet paper. Move your victim to a couch or table, then wrap him from top to bottom with toilet paper. Make sure he is completely covered before you start taking pictures! For an extra touch of humor, you can also make a gag display sign of “John the mummy” (replace with victim’s name) so that it will appear in the pictures you take.

6. Painted nails

Painting nails is a classic prank for multiple occasions. But here’s a drunk prank with a twist: paint a secret, funny message onto his nails. However, you only have ten nails in a row for each message so make it short! Pictures of his nails (with his face included) saying “I love men”, for example, would be priceless! With luck, he won’t notice for quite a while too.

7. Overnight sideburns

This drunk prank idea needs some fake sideburns using fake or real hair to be prepared beforehand. When the victim is passed out, use the hair to make his sideburns longer and thicker. For extra fun, you can also create a pair of long, feminine sideburns that extend until his chest area and take awesome pictures before he wakes up!

8. Hidden tattoos

The area just above the elbow is extremely hard to see without a mirror. That is why it’s perfect for this drunk prank idea. Use a black marker to give your victim a pair of tattoos there! Leave funny messages and see how many days it takes before he notices.

9. Makeup

You’ll need a real makeup set for this drunk prank idea, and preferably someone who knows how to apply it. When the victim is passed out, start cleaning his face and applying the makeup. The idea is to make the makeup realistic-looking, and not a prank makeup. When he wakes up, it’s likely that he won’t notice so people’s reactions would leave you hard-pressed to stifle the laughter!

10. Smelling salts

This last prank idea is untested but could produce some really funny results. Get some smelling salts (opens in new window) and let your drunk pal sniff them and watch him or her become really wide awake. Don't know what they do? Try sniffing them yourself and you'll know how it feels like.

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