8 Easy Pranks to spring on your unsuspecting victims

Easy Pranks require very little preparation. Fortunately, less effort does not necessarily make a poor prank. So try out some of these on your unsuspecting victim.

1. Shout it Out

This is a really simple prank, but it takes some guts to do. Just sneak up behind someone, or walk past them calmly. Then give your best shout at them. It'll scare most people out of their wits. Most people will be too stunned to do anything about it for a little while. Just be sure to walk away after you do, otherwise they'll recover and get back at you.

2. Long Pee

Astound your friends with your ability to hold god-like amounts of urine in your bladder at the next party with this easy prank. Sneak in a bucket or bottle full of water into the restroom. Then slowly pour out the contents into the toilet bowl so that it sounds like you're taking a leak. A few people will notice at first, but then the whole crowd might catch on to your marathon "peeing" session.

3. Turning Water into Soda Water

Turn water into Soda water in this easy prank. When you see an unattended glass full of water, quickly pour out the contents into the kitchen sink or a another bottle if you're too far away. Then pour in soda water. Works best in an office environment or at home. Your victim will get a nice surprise when he tries to drink from the glass later on.

4. Scotch Tape Keyholes

Deny your victim access to the keyhole. Or at least make him think so by taping over his car, locker or home door keyhole with some scotch tape. Since it's clear he probably won't notice it right away and will wonder why the key won't go into the hole. It's an easy prank to play, and funny too.

5. Embedded Toothpicks in Food

In this easy prank, you'll be stuffing toothpicks into apples or other fruit that you can find in your victim's house. Purchase sharp tipped toothpicks for this prank, not the blunt edge ones. Get a target fruit and use the toothpick to peel a tiny bit of skin away, then push the toothpick in on the flesh of the fruit until it's totally embedded. Close the patch of skin back over the toothpick to hide it, then place the fruit back where you found it. Imagine the surprise on your victim's face when he takes a bite out of it.

This prank works with butter and anything that's soft and opaque.

6. String Cup Trap

Curiosity killed the cat. It'll also lead your curious victim into your trap! Get a paper cup and fill it with flour or confetti. Poke a hole close to its lip and tie a string at the hole. Then place the paper cup at a high cabinet or a fridge and let the string trail down to the ground. If you're lucky, your victim will pull the string without thinking and land the cup on himself.

Alternatively, tie the string to the inside of a cabinet or fridge and keep most of it hidden from sight. When your victim opens the door, the cup will be pulled along and onto your victim. Note that both methods may take some trial and error to get right, so if you don't get it the first time, try and try again on other victims.

7. Yummy Trash Food

Pretend to eat from a garbage can with this prank. Say if you have chewing gum, pre-chew it, then hide it in the palm of your hand. As you pretend to rummage through the rubbish, protect your gum with your hand. Then take your hand out of the garbage and inspect your gum in full view of your friends. Then pop it in your mouth. They may think that you just picked out gum from the rubbish to chew on.

8. Orajel Cigarette

Play an easy prank on your smoker friend. Get some Orajel (numbing gel) and place some on his cigarettes. The next time he takes a smoke he'll find his lips numb.

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