7 funny elevator prank ideas

An elevator prank can be so funny just because it's unexpected. You know the elevator routine. Everyone gets in and someone (or a few people) presses the buttons. Then everyone keeps silent and stare into space or at the levels changing. Very few are really aware of their surroundings, so you’ll have surprise on your side with these simple prank ideas.

1. Out of order

Here’s a simple and quick prank idea; all you need is a printer and a computer. Print out the words “Elevator out of order, do not use” or something along that line. The twist is to stick it on the inside of the elevator door.

This way, the elevator will already be closed and moving when people see the sign. It’ll freak them out! Extra funny points if you can get a hidden camera inside to record how your victims react.

2. Snapping cable

For this prank idea, you’ll need to record the sound of a cable groaning and snapping loudly. The idea is to play the sound in the elevator so freak your victim out. When you’re ready, play the sound and act nervous. You can even ask the victim if that is the elevator cable snapping.

3. Sudden screaming

In the elevator, people expect silence while they endure the awkwardness of sharing a cramped space with strangers. So here’s a funny elevator prank idea that takes advantage of this. Wait a bit until the elevator is moving and is about to open, then surprise your victim with a sudden, loud scream. If you pull this off properly, the victim’s reaction will be hilarious.

4. Surprise behind the door

This particular prank idea works best with an accomplice friend. Have your friend be in the same elevator as your victim. He must keep a conversation going to distract the victim’s attention.

Then when the door opens, come out screaming in front of your victim in a scary costume. Your victim will be taken by surprise! This prank works best at night when it’s a bit darker though.

5. The way is blocked

Get some barrier tapes for this elevator prank, and if possible a “No entry” sign too. The idea for this elevator prank is to cover the exit in front of the elevator with the barrier tapes from top to bottom so that people won’t be able to pass. The “No Entry” sign would add to the confusion too!

6. Spider attack

This particular prank idea needs a big, realistic-looking fake spider. Hang the spider with a thin, almost unnoticeable thread in front of the elevator door. The last thing your victim will expect is to see a huge, hairy spider in his face as he walks out of the elevator!

7. In on the conversation

For this prank idea, you’ll need to think fast on your feet. It is sometimes annoying when people have loud phone conversations in the elevator, so this is how you can get back at them. Have your cell phone ready and fake a phone conversation. The idea is that the things you say must correspond or relate to whatever your victim is saying. Before long your victim will be really confused!

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