7 practical jokes and pranks to try

Itching to play some practical jokes and pranks on unsuspecting victims at anytime and anyplace? Check out this list of 7 that you can try.

1. Fast Shrinking, and Growing

Does your victim have a favorite item that comes in various sizes? For example, say your sister has a favorite shirt. Go out and look for identical ones and buy them about two sizes smaller and two sizes larger. First, slowly "expand" the shirt by replacing her original with a size larger the next time your sister does her laundry. Then "shrink" it again to the original size, then continue gradually until it is two sizes too small.

This prank works on objects and pets as well. It takes a while, but it's quite funny when you successfully pull these practical jokes and pranks variations off.

2. Hidden Musical Card

Purchase a musical greeting card that plays when it is opened. Carefully remove the chip that plays the music. It's really small so you can easily hide it in your victim's jacket or pocket without him noticing. However, before you slip it in, make sure it's in its off position. As you slip it into its hiding place, turn it on.

If you want to sneak it into someone's pocket, it's entirely doable provided that your victim expects muzak. You could do it at the restaurant, or to an unsuspecting victim in the elevator (keep it playing as your victim walks in). Your victim will probably think he's going mad when the muzak follows him around. This is probably the sneakiest of the practical jokes and pranks listed here.

3. Banana Splits

Pre-cut your victim's banana for him without peeling the skin in this prank idea. Acquire your victim's banana, and use a needle to pierce through the skin at the seam, but don't let it pierce through to the other side! Move your needle back and forth to cut it. Repeat as many cuts as you want along the seam, then replace the banana. This is probably the most surprising of all the practical jokes and pranks listed here when your victim peels back his banana.

4. Popping Salt or pepper shaker

Make a saltshaker at your local diner foam when it's turned upside down with this prank idea. As with most good practical jokes and pranks, you'll be setting up an everyday item to do something unexpected. This prank only works on pop-off top saltshakers that are opaque (i.e. non-see through). You'll need to "borrow" one of the saltshakers for this prank since you can't be seen setting up this prank in public. The restroom would be a good place to prepare the saltshaker for this prank.

You'll need to empty the shaker and fill it 1/3 of the way with concentrated lemon juice or vinegar. Now place a thin tissue over the opening and use your finger to push it a little way into the body of the shaker. Don't let it touch the lemon juice or vinegar though. The idea is to create a large enough depression to hold about a teaspoon of baking soda without it touching the liquid. Before you pop the cap back on, seal the holes on the cap from the inside with some tape.

Recap the shaker, then trim the excess tissue from the top. Make sure you don't leave any visible edges at the top or that may give your prank away. Carry it back to the target table as upright as possible. You don't want the liquid and baking soda mixing in your hands.

When your victim reaches out to grab it and shakes it, the juice will break down the tissue paper and start to react with the baking soda. This will cause a reaction that creates gas. With plenty of expanding gas (carbon dioxide) and very little space to go, the pressure in the shaker will build up and pop the shaker quite spectacularly. It's the most "explosive" of the practical jokes and pranks listed here.

Sometimes the cover won't pop immediately if it's not sealed properly. The danger of this is that your victim might try to look into the hole of the cap to see what's wrong, and the delayed pop could take his eye out. So if you catch your victim doing that, please grab the shaker from him to avoid injuring him.

5. Eating "Vomit"

Gross people out with these two epic practical jokes and pranks. You may use accomplices or not, it's up to you. For the "vomit", cook up some stew or take some of your soupy leftovers, preferably with chunks of vegetables or meat. You'll be putting this into a rubber hot water bottle. Be sure to chop it up a little in a blender because you want the "vomit" to flow out of your hot water bottle, not get stuck in it. Plus you need the pre-digested looking food to be convincing.

Attach a hose to the outlet of the hot water bottle, and run it up to your collar, then strap the hot water bottle to the inside of your shirt. Off you go to your destination. You can pretend to be sick or drunk at a local pub or restaurant, then "barf" by pressing hard onto the hot water bottle. Then you (or your friend) can start dining on the chunky bits that you just spewed out much to the disgust of the people around you. Don't be surprised if other people around you start vomiting for real.

If you're in an airplane, you could sneak a can of beef or chicken chunks on board and put it in the air-sick bag. When turbulence strikes, pretend to hurl into the bag. Then pick up a piece and eat it for everyone to see. Grossest of all the practical jokes and pranks listed here, but probably one of the funniest if you think about it.

6. Beach Towel Hole

Out to the beach with your intended (or unintended) victim? Quickly dig a hole in the sand when your victim leave's his beach towel unattended, then replace the towel stretched over it. When you victim gets on the towel, well, he'll literally fall for your prank :).

7. Turn off Street Lighting

In some places, street lighting is turned on and off automatically by light sensors. If you can locate them, you can keep them always on by taping over the sensors, or always off by taping flashlights to shine lights at the sensors. I'm not sure if shining laser pointers at them from a distance will work, but it just might.

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