7 Evil Prank Ideas to NOT try

The evil prank ideas listed here are based on the video. They're evil because they stomp on the norms of most societies and cause some form inconvenience and may even cause injuries. Read about them, but don't do them or you and your victim could get into trouble.

1. Push the Cyclist

If you see your victim passing by on a bicycle, you'll have a great opportunity to pull this prank. If he's passing by bushes or someplace that will soften his landing, quickly run up to him and give him a quick push to unseat him. Then run!

2. Cat Toss Through Open Car Window

See your victim drive past slowly in his car? Play this prank on him. Toss a cat through the open car window. The cat won't be too pleased about being tossed into a car full of people and it'll make sure the people in there know about it. How do you get a cat in the first place? Get some cat treats to lure a cat to you.

While tossing a cat through a car window sounds funny in theory, it's rather cruel to the cat (not your victim... hehe). To still get a kick out of this prank without harming a cat, use stink bombs instead.

3. Surprise someone and steal 1 shoe

In this evil prank, you'll run up to your unsuspecting victim and wrestle a shoe off his foot. Once you've successfully removed the shoe, run away from your victim. If your victim is still a fast runner without his 1 shoe, toss the shoe away from you and he'll likely go for that instead of you.

4. Light a newspaper on fire

The next time you see your victim holding up and reading a newspaper, sneak up to him and light the bottom of his newspaper on fire. Be sure to run once the flames catch hold. He'll see it quite soon enough and will probably be very angry with you. Oh yeah, it won't hurt to take a quick look and see if he's wearing anything flammable before you do this prank.

5. Bang a pot on someone's head

You'll need an accomplice to hold a pot to execute this evil prank. Sneak up behind your victim with a pot and a wooden spoon. Once your accomplice places the pot over your victim's head, give it a quick bang and run! Make sure your accomplice grabs the pot and throws it somewhere else before you do, or you'll be handing your victim a projectile to throw at you!

6. Fishing trip swim

You're out for a trip with your victim. In this evil prank, when he's focused on the fish, push him into the water to help him get closer to his catch. Granted that it's not the most sophisticated prank, but it's effective and funny.

7. Tipping the outhouse

If your victim is ever caught in an outhouse or a portable toilet, give him a minute to pee or start pooping, then tip the outhouse over. Make sure that it lands on the door so that your victim cannot escape easily without some help. Needless to say that your victim will be very unhappy with human waste spilling all over him!

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