7 hilarious pranks to play on your friends

Want some seriously hilarious pranks to play on your friends? Here are 7 to get you started.

Hilarious Prank 1. Dart Throw

Playing darts with your intended victim? Give him a shock of his life with this prank idea. As you go to remove your darts from the board, pretend to drop one to the ground. As you crouch to pick it up with your back facing your victim, unscrew the dart tip (usually at half the body). Turn around suddenly and throw half the dart (the one without the tip, of course) at your victim while shouting something at him, like "Look out!".

Watch your victim's face turn from horror when he thinks he's about to become a pin-cushion to relief or anger as he realizes he got pranked. If it's anger, get ready to run!

2. Framing Someone with Sensual Ads

Flip through your local newspaper's ads section and chances are you'll see sensual ads. In more conservative countries, these ads are usually advertised under "personal services" such as sensual outcall massages and the like. Cut these advertisements out, or circle them with a marker pen or red ink, and then plant these around your victim's house. His missus will be none too pleased to find these lying around the house.

Of course, you could be the cause of a nasty breakup if you play this prank. Be sure to be ready to own up quickly if things get out of hand in your victim's household. Otherwise, your hilarious prank won't be so funny.

3. Hidden Dancing Toys

You know those annoying toys that sing and dance when you clap or touch them - kind of like that dancing snowman toy? Well, they're good for a hilarious prank, at least. Acquire one of these toys and hide it under tables that your victim uses. When he sits down at the table and his feet touches the toy, he'll get the scare of his life. It's reusable, and it's great for as a home or work prank.

4. Odd Mails

You can play this hilarious prank idea on any mailbox whether commercial or residential. The idea is to leave odd items that don't belong in a mailbox or is unexpected and out of the ordinary. For example, while you'd expect leaflets and letters in the mailbox, you won't be expecting a cheeseburger in it. Or an envelope with an empty piece of paper in it. You could also add in a past issue of a magazine that you know your victim subscribes to.

5. Holiday Bait

What better way to share the joy of the holiday season than to give a gift. That is; you'll be giving the gift of making your victim think he received a present. Prepare and an empty box, then gift-wrap it nicely with ribbons. Be sure that the present is in one piece so that it won't come apart when you yank it away from your victim later. Tie some fishing line to the box (either at the ribbons or the body). When you're ready to prank, put the present in front of your victim's doorstep, and then ring the bell.

Run off to a hiding place, preferably in a running car. Your victim will probably be pleasantly surprised when he sees the "present" at his doorstep. When he bends down to pick it up, reel your present in and lure your victim until he notices you. Then run or hop into a car to make your getaway. One box is probably good for 1 or 2 pranks before it falls apart, so make a few if you intend to go on a prank spree.

6. Joining Societies

A great way to freak your victim out is to make him think that he was signed up to a society that's against his values and orientation (such as a homophobic joining a gay and lesbian society). Of course, the "membership" is entirely fictitious, but why should we tell him?

Draft out a fake acceptance letter into the society in question (there are plenty of samples online). For the letterhead, be sure that it's associated to a real organization, say a gay and lesbian community in your local university. A logo helps, of course. Be sure to provide the real organization's contact numbers.

In the body, be sure to include details confirming the amount of membership and registration fees paid up and date received. You'll have to make up a number here. The more a "professional" feel it has, the more likely your victim will buy it hook line and sinker. Mail it to your victim with a return address to the real organization, and then enjoy his panic when he receives your hilarious prank membership. I bet he'll be rushing to cancel it.

7. You've Won... Nothing!

Fool your victim into thinking that he's won a prize from a famous brand. It's rather easy to fake a gift certificate if you have a printer and an internet connection. Get the logo of a brand that your victim can recognize, and then design your gift certificate that can be redeemed at a specific branch located in a nearby town. Only make sure that the branch doesn't exist. Seal it in an envelope that you've printed the company logo on, and enjoy knowing that you've sent your victim on a wild goose chase for a non-existent place.

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