Five 60th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas

Reaching the age of sixty is wonderful. Add in some fun with a 60th birthday gag gift or two! Below we have five cool ideas that you can try.

1. This day in history…

This is an amusing gag gift. The idea is to compile a list of 15 to 20 (more, if you like) notable events that happened on the recipient’s birthday over the years. But the twist is that the events include amusing, funny or weird happenings along with your standard type of historical events.

A good idea would be to include hilarious and memorable personal occasions or memories, like “John’s surprise retirement party”. It would be fun to work on this list with a group of friends who know the recipient well. Don’t forget to put the recipient’s birthday in the list too. For example, the last item could be “Oh, and you turned 60!” Then frame the list as your gag gift!

2. Tattoos for the elderly

If the recipient is an easygoing type of person, this might be a funny gift for them. Get some tattoos for the elderly as his or her birthday gag gift! These temporary tattoos are easy to put on and equally easy to remove. Numerous online gag item sellers offer these in cool designs with vintage flavor.

3. Giant card

Here’s a great 60th birthday gag gift idea. Create a giant card about two or three feet tall out of poster boards! There are many instructive articles on how you can do this on the internet.

Inside the card, have the recipient’s friends or family members write in it. But that’s not all; stick in some nice pictures too! Remember to give this card with a cheap pair of high magnification reading glasses to help the recipient read it with his “fading eyesight”. This gift is guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter to the birthday party!

4. What year was it?

For this DIY 60th birthday gag gift idea, you’ll need some help from friends and family close to the recipient. The idea is to create a “history book” that is personal to him or her. We recommend that you start working on it early to avoid last-minute scrambles.

Create a 60-page scrapbook and on each page, write down a piece of trivia or interesting, funny or memorable event that occurred in each year of the recipient’s life. Begin with the year he or she was born. It would be especially funny if you can get funny memories or recollections from close family members, like how “Grandpa accidentally drank coffee with salt”. Some pictures would be a nice touch too.

5. Washer and dryer

This particular 60th birthday gag gift idea pokes fun at the old joke about how old people have a hard time with new technology. Pack a dishcloth and a dish towel in a nice, large box. Then label the box “Washer and dryer”. Attach a card saying how you know the recipient is having a hard time with all these new gizmos nowadays, so you thought he or she would appreciate something easier to use. Hilarity guaranteed to ensue.

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