Five 40th birthday gag gifts for women

For women, turning forty and being considered old is scary. That’s where 40th birthday gag gifts come in: cheer them up with some smiles and laughter! Below we bring you five great gag gift ideas for women.

1. Hot flash survival kit

For a forty-year-old woman, hot flashes are a real concern and can strike anytime! So show her you care with a hot flash survival kit as her birthday gag gift. Get a nice box and add some useful things like a hand-held fan and ice packs to cool down, a small towel or pocket-handkerchief to wipe her brow with, a spare shirt and emergency medication (chocolates). You can also include the hot flash danger sign below for her to warn others!

2. Bathroom toilet seat lights

Here’s a funny gag gift for your wife. If all these years of marriage your wife still complains about you leaving the toilet seat up, get her a set of bathroom toilet seat lights (available here*) as a joke! When the toilet seat is up, the toilet bowl will be lit and only go off when the seat is down again. Attach a card saying you hope she can now avoid annoying falling into the toilet in the dark.

Alternatively, this gift is also suitable for your husband. If by his 40th birthday he still hasn’t learned to put the toilet seat down, this gag gift is perfect to remind him every time. This way, he won’t forget it! Either way, this particular gag birthday gift will be hilarious.

3. Maxi pad slippers

This 40th birthday gag gift idea is best for women: make a pair of bedroom slippers using max pads as a gift! To do this, you’ll need four maxi pads in order to make one pair. Lay out two maxi pads flat as the foot part. Then wrap the other two around the toe area as the top. Use strong tapes to tape each side of the top pieces to the bottom of the foot part.

To add some more hilarity, you can add a funny note with the slippers. Mention the features of the slippers in a joking way, like how they are soft, hygienic, environmentally safe, easily disposable and biodegradable, and keeps her feet smelling fresh. You can also add in that the slippers can be used to mop up spills; no more bending over and helps avoid back pain!

4. Poor woman’s boob job

Here’s another 40th birthday gag gift idea for women. Get two clear balloons and a straw and pack them nicely. Label it as the “Poor Woman’s Boob Job” and attach a note of instructions.

In the instructions note, ask the user to insert a balloon into her bra pocket and then insert the straw into the balloon. Then blow to desired size and add clips or a knot to prevent shifting or air escape. Then repeat for the other side. Remember to add a warning to stay away from sharp objects and over squeezing! Be careful though, some may find this gag gift insulting so exercise caution when giving it.

5. Gag hot flash danger sign

Women turning forty often feel worried about menopause. Since one of the symptoms of menopause is hot flashes, poke fun at this with a gag hot flash danger sign as her 40th birthday gag gift! Remember to insert a fire image in the sign and insert something along the lines of “Danger! Menopausal woman approaching. May hot flash or spontaneously combust without warning.” This sign would go great with the hot flash survival kit below.

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