50th birthday gag gift: 5 easy ideas

Is a friend celebrating their 50th birthday soon? Add some humor into the party with a 50th birthday gag gift! Below we have five easy gag gift ideas for you to try.

1. Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher can be a hilarious birthday gag gift article in the right situation. Simply offer your gift right before the birthday boy (or girl) blows the candles on the cake. Remember to say that the gift is to “help you blow out all 50 candles”. You can use a small but functional fire extinguisher for this idea. Alternatively, you can also get gag fire extinguishers at your local gag store.

2. Marble in a sack

One of the scary things about turning fifty is losing your mind. Or as the saying goes, losing your marbles. Play a joke on this with this 50th birthday gag gift idea! You’ll need one marble and a nice little sack.

Insert the marble into the sack and attach a note or card to it as your birthday gift. On the note or card, say that it’s only one but when you lose your marbles, you’ll at least have one left! This gag gift is great for those with a sense of humor.

3. Home exercise

Here’s another birthday gag gift idea that pokes fun at growing old. Get a block of wood and label it “Home Exerciser”. Then attach a funny note of instructions with it. You can also write the instructions directly on the label glued to the wood itself.

The instructions should instruct the user to put the block in the middle of the floor, and then walk around the block of wood two times. The third line is the punch line: “Rest, you’ve just walked around the block two times.”!

4. Menopause relief

If the birthday girl has a sweet tooth, this is the perfect 50th birthday gag gift. Get her some M&M Menopause Relief! You’ll need a nice little bottle that looks like a pills bottle.

Label the bottle as “M&M Menopause Relief” and then fill it with M&Ms. Attach a “Prescription Note” with the bottle with instructions on which color to eat according to different symptoms. For instance, you can tell her to eat the orange one to minimize depression or the red one when she begins to have hot flashes. If she’s having all the listed symptoms at the same time, tell her to eat the whole bottle! This gag gift is guaranteed to bring some laughter.

5. Senior citizen bedtime stimulator

This funny birthday gag gift takes a laugh at growing old. Get a few hot water bottles and pack them separately in boxes. Wrap the boxes together and label the package as “Senior citizen bedtime stimulator”. You can also insert a note in the wrapping that says, “Sex toys of the mature!” Be careful not to offend though, this may not be very funny to some people.

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