4 Birthday gags you can play on the birthday person

It's that time of year again to pull birthday gags to celebrate your friend's birthday. Here are 4 ideas to get a laugh out of your friends, at the expense of the birthday boy. All done in the name of good humor, of course.

1. Meat 'Cake'
Make a meat loaf 'cake' for this gag. The difference is that you'll need to shape the meatloaf into a round (or square) shape, exactly like how a cake would look like. For the recipe, you can use the one found at allrecipes.com (opens new window).

We're not done yet with the 'cake'! You'll need some 'frosting' for the cake. To make the frosting, you can make whipped potato (instant or the old fashioned way). Add some food coloring to make any colored 'frosting' that you desire, then smear it evenly across the 'cake' you just made. You can also vary the color in another batch of whipped potato to write on the cake. You know, the name of the birthday boy/girl and stuff.

Once you're done 'icing' the cake, you're ready to serve it with candles! Be sure to take a photo of the expression on your victim's face when he/she takes a bite into the meat 'cake'. Just have a nice sweet cake on standby, just in case the birthday person doesn't quite like your meat 'cake'.

2. Box 'Cake'
This birthday gag is a little simpler than the last one, but just as funny. For this prank idea, you can either make a 'cake' out of a cardboard box or a round box you can buy... the ones used for putting presents in. You'll also need a lot of icing to layer around your cardboard 'cake'.

Coat the cardboard cake with about half an inch thick of icing around the sides and about an inch thick on the top. You might like to add more icing on top if you find that your candles can't stand up on top of your 'cake'. Of course, go crazy and decorate the 'cake' as you would a real cake. When you bring it out to the birthday boy/girl, be sure to pretend to compensate for the weight of the cake.

Imagine his/her surprise when the knife cuts into your 'cake'. Be sure to have a nice birthday cake ready nearby so that you don't ruin this special day for everyone else.

3. Balloon Cake Trap
Okay, okay, just one more cake birthday gag idea :). This prank works well on a tall cake. Buy a large sponge cake, then hollow out the middle to fit an inflated balloon. Before you put in the balloon, fill it about 1/3 to half full with whipped cream. Use icing to cover up the balloon and the top - be sure to fill up the gaps between the cake and the balloon, then smooth the top. Decorate the cake as you would a legitimate birthday cake to reduce your victim's suspicion.

When your victim cuts the cake, the knife will pop the balloon, sending cream gushing from the cut to your victim's face. Have a towel and another backup cake waiting for your birthday victim.

4. Birthday Surprise Surprise Party
How do you set up a surprise party? Hide everyone in the birthday victim's home, then shout 'Surprise!' when he/she (I'll use 'he' for convenience) walks in through the door? More often than not, the birthday victim may find out about it before the party.

For this birthday gag to work, you'll need a small team of fellow pranksters to pull it off. The person who's assigned to keep the birthday victim out of the house (a.k.a. the escort) should leak it to the victim that there's a birthday party surprise waiting for him at home, and that he should act surprised as he walks in through the door.

The prankster at home has the job of organizing the guests at the last minute. Get everyone except 1 or 2 to hide at the back of the house. When he comes in, surprise him by getting the 1 or 2 friends earlier to say that everyone else couldn't make it. The birthday victim's escort should act surprised and disappointed at this point. Then just invite the birthday victim to cut the cake in the back anyway, since there are 3 or 4 of you.

When the birthday victim walks through to the other room, boy, will he be surprised to find that everyone made it after all!

If you don't have big enough a space, you can always set up mock party decorations at your birthday victim's house, then take him elsewhere to 'console' him - leading him up to where the real party is.

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