4 Unusual Gag Birthday Gift Ideas

Time flies, doesn't it? It's almost time for you to spring your gag birthday gift on your friend. That's why you're looking at this page after all, isn't it?

1. 'Unsolvable' Rubix Cube

This one will have your puzzle loving friend in a fit. To 'make' this birthday gift, you'll either need 1 rubix cube and an extra color sticker, or you'll need 2 identical rubix cubes (one of them is just for the stickers). You might want to shop around for rubix cubes with stickers that are fairly easy to remove. Why? You're going to lift one or two of the stickers from one color, then replace it with other colors from the other cube! When you present it to your friend on his or her birthday, be sure to jumble up the colors to avoid suspicion. Watch as your friend tries to solve your rigged cube.

2. Unsolvable Sudoku

Is your friend a Sudoku nut who solves easy puzzles in a flash? Give him or her an unsolvable Sudoku puzzle to stew on. The thing that makes the puzzle solvable is that there are enough correctly placed numbers revealed to form 1 unique solution. The more numbers you remove, the harder it is to find that solution. Remove one too many, and it becomes unsolvable! If you reveal a wrong 'answer' that seems correct, the puzzle also becomes impossible to solve!

Lost you there? No worries, there are folks selling these unsolvable puzzles so that you don't need to design them, much less learn the game! Just be sure to challenge your friend to prove his or her prowess at solving the unsolvable. Gets them everytime.

3. Teddy Bear with a Hidden Cam

Your birthday pal could be the next Youtube star in the making, thanks to you - and a tiny hidden camera planted in a stuffed teddy. To make this gag birthday gift, you'll need 2 fairly huggable sized identical teddies, not those puny keychain ones, and a small hidden camera you can buy off the shelf, preferably one with a decent battery life and records some audio.

Now comes the part where you get to play doctor. You'll need to locate a part of the teddy you can replace with the lens of the camera. Could be the eyes, or even the bellybutton - if the bear has one. Slice open the part of the teddy you want to plant the camera in. Be sure to slice along the seams of the teddy, otherwise your patchwork will be clearly seen as teddy bears don't heal.Somewhere close to the neck might be convenient as you can tie a big bow to divert attention away from the lens.

Once you're done, send your spy teddy off. Visit your friend, and conceal the camera free twin teddy in a big bag or a backpack. You'll need to snoop around to find your spy teddy. When you do, swap them, then go home. I'm pretty sure there are interesting moments (like your friend picking his or her nose) that you can turn into a music video.

4. Aged coins

Ok, sometimes you just want to do something thoughtful, even though it's a gag birthday gift. Anyway, notice that coins have their date of minting on them? Yeah, try to collect those that were minted on the same year your friend was 'made'. If he or she is 21, collect about 21 of those if it's possible (and not too expensive), then give it to him or her.

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