Five 30th birthday gag gifts to tickle funny bones!

Turning thirty can be depressing. Hence, some 30th birthday gag gifts are a must to cheer the birthday boy up! Since different people may have different senses of humor, we bring you a list of five gag gift ideas below to start you rolling on your research.

1. Arthritis balm

Here’s a gag gift to help the birthday boy laugh away the old-age blues. Poke fun at the age with an arthritis balm! You can even include a funny old-age card saying how you hope this gift will come in handy some day or that it will help him through the pain. Be careful not to offend though, some people may not find this funny.

2. Funny poem

If the birthday boy (or girl) is an artistic type, here’s a good 30th birthday gag gift idea. Write a funny birthday poem for his birthday! It doesn’t have to be overly long; just a few lines would be sufficient. Then print it out nicely and frame it as a gift. There are many samples available on the internet for you to refer to. Writing it yourself will add that extra personal flavor, and this way you can add in personal memories, references or inside jokes. Alternatively, you can also find some hilarious poems at online gag stores. Either way, don’t forget to remind him that he’s thirty now!

3. Denture wearer’s cookbook

Dentures are one of the things that make growing old scary; when you have to start wearing dentures, just chewing and eating can be such a chore. So here’s the perfect 30th birthday gag gift for the lucky birthday boy celebrating the dreaded thirty: the Denture Wearer’s Cookbook

The book contains numerous wonderful recipes that anyone will enjoy, varying from easier to more advanced levels of chewing. A note saying you hope this comes in handy would add to the hilarity! Please note that we're not affiliated to this site so we can't guarantee the quality of the product. We just love it for the hilarious title.

4. Perfect guy

Here’s a funny birthday gag gift for a single, female friend. Get her a big, cuddly teddy bear and wrap nicely in a box. Include a card saying that you got her the perfect guy named Ted E. Bear for her birthday! There are many poems that you can attach with this gag gift. Here’s one example:

Ted E. Bear - the world's perfect male. He'll sit and listen to EVERY detail. And when you are through, just set him down somewhere. When you need him again, he'll be right there!

5. A hundred percent sign

They say that thirty is the age when people start taking life more seriously and be more responsible. So here’s one DIY 30th birthday gag gift idea to help motivate the birthday boy at work. Give him a motivational “A hundred percent” sign!

Make a sign that says, “Always give 100% at work, Mike!” Then below that sentence, break down the 100% according to the five working days of the week (or six, depending on his job). For example, write down 12% for Monday, 25% for Tuesday and so on.

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