50th Birthday Gag Gifts for your friend

Getting 1 or 2 50th birthday gag gifts for someone you know and love is a great way to make it more memorable. It's also a great way to show your loved one that age isn't really important by making fun of it in a light hearted way. Of course, if you choose to deliver a gag gift with these prank ideas, be sure to play them on someone you know well and actually like.

1. Birthday Card with fine print - and a Magnifying glass!

This 50th birthday gift pack comes with a magnifying glass and a birthday card - that comes with fine print! In your birthday card (home made or store bought), you'll need to print the insert in the smallest fonts printable if you can't do it by hand. Here are some greeting suggestions that you can use in your insert:

“God, grant you the Senility to forget the people you never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones you do, and the EYESIGHT to tell the difference.”

"If you cannot do great things at the age of 50, do small things in a great way."

For more greeting ideas, check out quotes-sayings-messages.com (opens in a new window). I particularly enjoyed the 50th birthday sayings section!

If you want to make your own card, check out this great resource at making-greeting-cards.com (opens in a new window).

2. Prune Juice and Wine Glass

Add a touch of class to your friend's birthday celebration by giving a bottle of 'wine' and 2 wine glasses. Of course, being a 50th birthday gag gift, things shouldn't be what they seem. Get an empty wine bottle (you might like to check out restaurants for any empty ones) and a cork (or cap, depending on the bottle type). Clean it, then soak it in water to remove the label, if you want to substitute your own label. Then fill it up with prune juice, cap it, and wrap it with the glass.

You can label it "Prune Juice" with an adhesive label to make your gag more obvious. Alternatively, you can leave the wine label on, then encourage your victim to share the 'wine' with the rest of the party. I'm sure he or she will enjoy a good laugh after figuring out what the 'wine' really is!

3. Old Age Survival Kit

Can your friend survive comfortably after 50? Help your friend out by packing an old age survival kit for his or her 50th birthday gag gift. You can include some or all of the items below, depending on your budget. All of them say, "You're old!".

1. Bedpan
2. Plastic pills holder
3. Denture Cream
4. Haemorrhoid Cream
5. Package of prunes
6. Arthritis pills
7. Incontinent briefs
8. Drug store reading glasses
9. Large print crossword puzzle book
10. Metamucil or some sort of fiber laxative

This prank idea is particularly funny if your friend is still fit and healthy at 50.

4. Fork - Stick it in you, you're done!

There are two forms of this 50th birthday gag gift, and two ways of giving it. You can either have 1 really great looking fork that is beautifully wrapped in a box or you can give your friend a pack of exactly 50 plastic forks. Be sure to include your gift with a really nice card that says "Stick this/these in you, you're done!"

Another variation of the 50 plastic fork prank is to stick the forks into your friend's yard to form the number 50. If your friend doesn't have a yard, arrange it at his front door and ring the bell.

5. 50 Dollars

Scan a 50 dollar bill, and put the birthday person's photo on it. You can edit your friend's photo to match the bill's color and patterns, but just pasting it on in the middle (or wherever you see a face) will do just fine. Blow it up and print it out in color, then frame it up. Wrap it up and you have a funny 50th birthday gag gift for your friend!

Alternatively, sneak it into your friend's home, and hang it up in a prominent location, like the living room.

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