8 amusing cell phone pranks to pull on your friends

Does your victim have a cell phone? Try out these cell phone pranks on him. None of these are destructive, don't worry.

1. Change contact name

In this phone prank, you'll be changing some of the contact names on your victim's phone to something different altogether. For example, you can change your own contact to resemble your victim's love interest, then flirt with him. You'd be surprised what you can find out about him, and what you can tease him with later on. Of course, be sure to change the contact back at the next opportunity.

A safer option would be to change a few of the contacts on his phone to resemble his boss' contact. It'll get him worked up whenever his "boss" calls or texts, but no harm will be done. This way he'll be likely to still keep his friendship with you once he finds out you played the prank!

2. Change contact number

For this cell phone prank, you'll change a contact number instead of the name. For example, change your victim's mom's contact number to an adult chat line. Imagine the confusion on your victim's face when he starts to make calls to "Mom".


Some VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol - think of Skype) providers have SMS services. Some allow SMS-es to be sent using your cell phone number, but you'll need to verify your phone first. In this cell phone prank, you'll be sending text messages on behalf of your victim and even to your victim.

First, subscribe to a VOIP service that provides an SMS service like the one I mentioned. The minimum amount for the one I use is 10 Euros, which is a reasonable amount for a prank that keeps playing. Then, register your victim's phone number as one of your numbers, then verify it from your victim's phone. Add a contact into your victim's phone with his own number. Be sure to add it to one of the existing contacts that is in your victim's phone, for example someone he likes. Be sure to note the numbers of people you want to prank on as well.

Once you've setup the VOIP service, you can start SMS-ing his friends on his behalf. For example, "I wuv you" to everyone on the list. Of course you won't be able to see the replies, but knowing that you're causing some confusion should be satisfying. You can even send an SMS to your victim. He will see the contact in his phone that you just set up for him before you put the phone back where you got it. Of course, when he replies he'll get sent his own message, so try to bait him into thinking that the contact is being deliberately childish and sending back the exact same text that he's sending.

4. Staining the Ears

In this cell phone prank, you'll be staining your victim's ears indirectly. Place some ink or powder at the ear piece of your victim's cell phone, then call him. Engage him in some small talk and be sure to ask if he's washed his ears today at the end of the conversation. He'll be a little puzzled until he sees his ears in the mirror!


In this cell phone prank you'll be changing the greeting message in your victim's phone to something puzzling. Change it to "INSERT COIN" (How do you insert a coin?) or "NO SERVICE" (But... but I have all the bars!). Guaranteed to puzzle your victim for a while, unless someone else beat you to playing this prank on him.

6. Alarm clock settings

Change the alarm clock settings in your victim's cell phone at random times, preferably late at night and when your victim is likely to be in a public place. While you're at it, if the phone allows you to choose a sound file to be the alarm tone, change it to something embarrassing or funny, like a Southpark video song for example.

7. Tape on Earpiece

Make your victim think that his cell phone has a problem. Stick some clear tape on the earpiece. The next call will sound very soft.

Some cell phones have removable phone covers. If your victim's phone has one, remove the phone cover and stick the clear tape at the earpiece under the phone cover, then replace the phone cover. It'll take a while before your victim discovers your sneaky prank.

8. Tape on mouthpiece

Make your victim shout at his cell phone. Place some clear tape over the microphone of his phone. Once again, if the cell phone cover can be removed, do so and stick the clear tape over the microphone, then fix the phone cover back.

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