7 funny prank calls

The main ingredient in funny prank calls is human wit. Add yours into the following ideas and see what happens!

1. Pig's Feet

Call up a butcher or the meat department at a supermarket and ask if they have pig's feet. When the person on the line says yes, tell him to wear shoes so that no one will notice. Then hang up.

2. I'm Jo. Do you have a message for me?

Call up your victim and ask for Jo. Obviously, your victim shouldn't be named Jo and will tell you that you have the wrong number. Call your victim several times throughout the days or weeks to ask for Jo. You can do this personally or enlist the help of your fellow pranksters.

At the end of your prank run, call the victim and introduce yourself as Jo. Ask if he has any messages for you.

3. You called me!

Call up your victim and pretend that he called you. Ask for his name and say you will hang up if he does not tell you. If he argues that you called him, counter argue by accusing him of calling you.

You can call him again and pretend to be annoyed that he called you again! Threaten to call the cops on him for calling you again, then hang up.

4. Stupid phrase testing

A lot of people tend to be unquestioning when approached by authority figures or experts in areas beyond their own understanding. You can take advantage of that fact in this funny prank call. Call your victim and introduce yourself as an engineer from the phone service. Tell them that you'd like to test the voice quality of the system and would like their cooperation. Get them to repeat a few silly phrases for voice testing! You'd be surprised what most people are willing to say in the name of being helpful!

5. Phone Cleaning Alert

You'll be fooling your victim as a phone company representative. Call up your victim and tell him that your company will be doing a phone line blowup. Ask if he knows what a blowup is. Then proceed to explain that your company needs to clean the dirt in the phone lines that cause noise on the phone. Warn him not to use the phone for the next hour as your company cleans the lines by sending electricity through the phone lines and give a shoc of about 375 volts.

You might get funny results if you use this prank in the office and tell your victim that the shock will go through your office phones in 10 minutes. Will your victim race through the office to get everyone to put the phone down or wait and see what happens?

6. "Confirmed" website bookings

Make a phone call to your victim as a representative of an online adult toy store. Tell him that you have confirmed the bookings ordered by him and are on the way to his home address immediately. This funny prank call works best on someone you know as you can inform your victim of the "delivery" to your victim's workplace.

7. How are babies made?

Befuddle your victim by asking him how babies are made. He'll be taken aback and the results can be hilarious. Especially if you're a kid.

Enjoy these funny prank call ideas!

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