Scary Practical Jokes: 7 scary pranks to play on your friends.

While trawling from my experience and on the net for scary practical jokes, I realized that the delivery of a good scary prank can be broken down into 3 steps. Step 1 is to lull or keep your victim in a false sense of security and normalcy. Step 2 is to expose your victim to something scary. Step 3 is, of course, to reassure your victim after all that screaming that it was only a prank. Fortunately, there are a seemingly infinite variation of ways you can execute all 3 steps, so there's plenty of room for new prank ideas. Here are 7 prank ideas based on these 3 steps that you can use.

1. Peek-a-Boo

This is scary practical joke variation is the most basic that you can play with kids. Heck, it even works on most adults if you play it well. The main idea is in the delivery in Step 2, where, for example, you hide in the closet and jump out and shout or scream at your victim when they come close to your hideout. The variations are in Step 1, where you can either wait for them to come by, or you can get an accomplice to lure them to your hideout. Sometimes you don't even need to hide, as shown in the video above.

2. Masked Peek-a-Boo

This scary practical joke is a great variation of the peek-a-boo prank is to add a terrifying mask into Step 2. A scary mask from Halloween will usually do. Most times, it takes at least a mask to scare an adult, unless he or she has seen the prank coming.

3. Scary Shadow

Besides the quick and loud delivery of the peek-a-boo method, there's a slower delivery method that is also equally scary, if not more so. However, it requires some ability to shadow your victim quietly. Put on a scary mask and trail your victim as he or she is walking. Catch up to him so that he can see you just from the corner of his eye. When he turns to see you, he'll get the fright of his life.

4. Scary Dolls

Sometimes you don't want to be held responsible for your scary practical joke, so it won't do for you to be the masked scare-master at the scene. Why not just lean a tall scary doll against the door instead? It works only if the door swings in towards your victim, so that your leaning doll will fall at your victim.

5. Scary Fake Heads

In this scary practical joke, you can use a dummy head instead of a doll. Sneak up behind your victim while he or she is watching TV and lower the head onto his or her shoulder. Or put it in the bed next to your victim as this guy did. Be sure to wake them up.

Another variation of this scary practical joke is to hand in by the ceiling slightly above eye level behind a door. Alternatively, why not prop it up at the crack of the door so that it will fall down when the door opens?

6. Scary Real Heads

Not many things can be scarier than finding a human head that appears severed or disembodied. Especially if it's in a pot, or on a platter. To fool a person into thinking it's in a pot, you can use a hollowed out stove and a pot with its bottom cut out as shown in a video. You can wait for your victim in the stove with your head in the pot. Alternatively, for a public event or a campout where food is laid out on the table, cut a hole on the table that your head can fit through, but the pot or dish won't fall through.

Be sure that the pot or dish has a hole that your head can fit through. Cover the table with tablecloth, then go under the table and pop your head through the hole you just made. Then wait for your victim(s) to come open up the pot for a surprisingly 'heady' dish.

7. The Remote Controlled (RC) Spider

As far as bang for buck goes for scary practical jokes, this is the most economical. The Remote Controlled Spider prank can be played virtually anywhere, whether at home, in the office, or even in a public place. You can start the scare by propping it near your victim as a 'lifeless' and therefore 'potentially fake' spider. Then as they go closer to inspect it, start moving the spider for the second scare.

I've included some videos of people who have played variations of this prank. Hopefully you'll get hours of fun with your scary RC toy! Note that this prank will probably work with any scary creature that's ever been copied in an RC toy.

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