Oreos for unsuspecting friends....

by Nathan
(Spokane, Washington)

Simply gather a group of friends. Make sure to pick one specific target, two or more won't work. Before hand, you should have gathered some Oreos. Make sure to have enough for everyone, so the prank isn't obvious. You can decide wether or not to tell the other friends who aren't the target. Now take the Oreo you are to give to the target, and take the top cracker off. Be careful not to damage the cream. Take a spoon and hollow out the middle of the cream, then replace the open spot with something like lard. I used lard because it is scentless but tastes like burnt grease. When you hand out the Oreos, act totally normal and hand the target the lard Oreo. Or even to make it funnier, if your friends know about the prank, but not the target, give it to someone who knows but doesn't know that they just got the Oreo. As they eat it, they will be completely shocked by the fact that you betrayed them. Lard tastes terrible. >:)

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