5 funny scare pranks to try on your friends

Here are 5 scare pranks for you to try on your friends. Play on their fears created by horror movies, animal attacks, or just plain pop out and scare them with the following 5 prank ideas.

1. Crocodile Attack!

Got some string with an inflatable crocodile? Then you're more or less ready play this prank on your victim. This prank works best if you're living in an area with known crocodile sightings. Otherwise, use the power of suggestion on your victim by telling him that a crocodile recently escaped from the nearby zoo. If you're playing this on your victim in the yard, hide your inflatable crocodile in a bush or under a pile of leaves.

When your victim walks by, quickly pull on the string to make the crocodile dash across the yard to scare your victim!

2. Trashcan Scare

If you or your friend has a giant trash can out front of the yard, you can hide in it and pop out to scare someone! Scare your friend while he's taking out the garbage, or scare the garbagemen who come to pick up the trash. This prank also works in places with these large trashcans, e.g. schools.

3. Wireless Microphone to Radio – Boo!

This is a simple but funny scare prank that a friend of mine played on his mom at church camp. He placed a small radio under her bed at night when she was out of the room. The radio was tuned to his radio microphone, so when he spoke into the microphone, you'd be able to hear him through the radio.

Later that night, when his mom lay down to sleep, we gathered around the microphone and he made some ghostly sounds into it. We heard "WhoOooOOoo!" coming out from her bedroom, followed by a very loud scream. Very funny!

4. Glow in the dark eyes

I can think of a few good uses for a pair of glowing eyes. A classic way to use them would be to put them on and sneak up on your sleeping victim in a dark room, then wake them and stare at them with glowing eyes! That usually scares 'em.

Alternatively, you might like to try a more sneaky scare method. Stick the glowing eyes onto a dummy head with double sided tape. Place the dummy head next to your sleeping victim with the glowing eyes staring at them. Then make creepy moaning noises and poke a stick at your victim.

You know what happens next when they wake up and stare into those lifeless glowing eyes.

5. Spooky Sounds

This is a great scare prank to play on someone who's working late in the office or home alone. Bring a horror movie to life by recording voices whispering their names, plus a random footsteps and creaking noises. Get these recordings into a few players, then place them in the dropped ceilings (you know, those ceilings with tiles that can be removed) at several locations, including the toilet.

Works great on a horror movie buff.

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