scary maze prank

by thebeast24475
(united states)

this is a prank that requires a straight face and someone who will not destroy a computer it is one of the funniest pranks I have ever done I was on my new computer and my friend was right around the corner of the room. I suddenly had the urge to scare the crap out of someone and I thought of a funny way first I grabbed my wireless headphones and turned the volume up all the way and told him to watch the screen and put the headphones on I started to complete the maze and I couldn't be affected by it as I knew what happened when I made it to the end his face was priceless and he literally threw the headphones down I told him that is what you get for doing stuff like that to me. his face was priceless and I cant believe he actually fell for it and he has yet to remember to give me payback

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