5 hilarious Halloween prank ideas

Halloween is a great time for pulling pranks on your friends. If you need some Halloween prank ideas though, don’t worry. Have some extra fun on Halloween with these funny pranks!

1. Running pumpkins
This prank idea works best with a group of friends helping you. That way, you can do it a lot faster. The idea is to avoid smashing pumpkins and making people angry; move them around instead.

You can do this in many ways. The simplest would be to just change the positions of the pumpkins around the targeted house without anyone noticing. It would be funnier if you switch pumpkins from different houses though. Alternatively, you can also take all the pumpkins from nearby houses and gather them at the target house’s lawn.

2. My Halloween stalker
To pull off this prank, you should dress in a creepy or scary costume. A good example would be a costume as a zombie or serial killer. This prank idea would also work extremely well if you could find an outfit that matches your victim’s costume.

Follow your victim from a good distance. But make sure the victim sees you following him. Keep following him for some time. Done properly, they’ll freak out soon enough!

3. Scary surprise
Here’s a simple but effective Halloween prank idea that works by using surprise to scare your friends. Find a good hiding spot where you’ll be least expected, like the backseat of the car or the closet. Put on hideous, scary masks and/or costumes for added effect. When your victim comes into the room or enters the car, wait a few seconds so that they’ll think they’re alone. Then jump out screaming like crazy and watch the hilarity that follows!

4. Delivery guy
Here’s another classic Halloween prank. Order something like pizza or takeaway food and have it delivered to your house. When the delivery guy arrives, greet him and comment on his “authentic-looking costume”. Then quickly take the food, acting surprised and saying how real he is making this look like. Thank him and quickly close the door.

His expression will be priceless! Don’t forget to pay him for the food when he starts banging the door, though. This funny prank never gets old, but you’ll need to talk really fast.

5. Beware of what you bite
This Halloween prank idea uses food to prank a number of people at once. Tap into your creativity and make common Halloween food from different things than what they’re supposed to be made of. A good example would be to make caramel onions instead of caramel apples, but which still look like caramel apples to unsuspecting eyes. Imagine the surprise when your friends and guests bite in!

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