5 Halloween prank tricks!

We’ve all had that one Halloween prank played on us that we can never forget. Indeed, Halloween offers limitless opportunities for the creative prankster to have some fun! Here we have five of the many prank ideas that you can try.

1. Classic scare tactic
This is a much-used prank, but still effective and fun with appropriate preparations. For this prank, the lighting of your house is crucial; too much light and the scare effect will be drastically reduced, whereas too little lighting will cause potential victims to not even stop by your place. One way to attract is by dimming the lights of your house but using decorations to attract attention instead. This way, trick-or-treaters will know that your house is participating.

Dress in a scary costume (use your imagination). Then find a good spot that will allow you to sneak up on the victims standing in front of your door and scare them from the side of from behind. Get a partner to hand out candies and distract them. Then pop out with a terrifying scream and watch them run in terror! Properly done, this trick is effective and will bring you many memorable successes!

2. Mommy it's alive!
Here’s yet another scare tactic, but with a slight modification. Find an appropriate, scary and horrifying costume that will allow you to pretend to be a Halloween decor. Since you’ll need to stay still for a long period of time, a costume as an inanimate front-lawn monster would be preferable.

Set a few inanimate Halloween front-lawn monsters as decoration for your lawn. Then blend in with your costume and wait. As unsuspecting targets stroll past you, take them by surprise! With proper lighting and perfect set-up, this Halloween prank will send the victim running and screaming for their mommies!

3. Special "candies"
Here’s a simpler Halloween prank! Find some realistic-looking fake insects, bugs, cockroaches and the like. The higher the “yuck” factor is, the better. You’ll also need to dress in a scary costume and prepare your house accordingly.

When trick-or-treaters come for candies, remember to be quiet and say nothing. With a slow and deliberate motion, take out your candy bowl of “bugs”. Hold it in a position that won’t make the contents be visible to the victims. As they anticipate candies, quickly get a handful and drop the unholy things onto their hands!

The surprise factor will ensure that shock and horror ensues! However, be sure to quickly offer real candies and explain that the bugs are not real. You don’t want to spoil their Halloween with nightmarish memories, and you can certainly do without angry parents.

4. Shower surprise
This Halloween prank requires a bathroom that has both a shower and a toilet, and is perfect for Halloween parties. Hide in the shower and wait for your victim. As the victim comes in and starts using the toilet, jump out screaming loudly and frighteningly. The unexpected shock will cause the victim to start running before he can tell his body to stop doing his “business”! However, this prank may not go down well with some people so choose your victim with extreme caution.

5. Puked my guts out
For this Halloween prank, you will need a lot of realistic-looking gross items as your “puke”. Some must-have things are like plastic insects, gag eyeballs and fake blood (you can be creative and find more things to use). Then dress as the grim reaper so that your face would not be clearly visible. You will also be able to hide the “puke” better.

When your victims come trick-or-treating, give them candies as usual. But in the middle of handing out candies, pretend that you’re coughing sick and make some terrible noises like you’re going to puke. Then fall down and puke out your special “puke”. This works especially well with younger victims.

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