The perfect Halloween gag gift: 5 ideas to choose from

Can’t find a good Halloween gag gift idea? Finding the one that feels just right can be difficult and frustrating. Worry not, though, we’ve compiled five funny ideas for you to choose from below.

1. Spooky Haunted Portraits
Freak your friend out with this hilarious gag gift! These “haunted” photos (you might find them on e-Bay!) seem ordinary at first glance. However, they can change into supernatural, scary images that are guaranteed to shock. Best of all, it does not require any form of electricity or power supply. These portraits are perfect for Halloween; place them in natural places with other regular photos and see who freaks out first!

2. Gruesome delights
A recurring theme for Halloween is gross-looking (but edible and tasty) food. This idea can also be used as a scary prank gift idea. Create a nice little lunchbox filled with “special” Halloween treats as a surprise gift!

There are numerous recipes available across the internet for you to choose from. Some of the more popular ones include edible eyeballs and chopped fingers. For the creative prankster, this idea offers limitless possibilities to experiment with.

3. Halloween Light & Sound Deaths-Head Lantern
Looking for the right gag gift? Get your friend in the mood with this particular Halloween gag gift. The Halloween Light & Sound Deaths-Head Lantern (opens a new window - we're not affiliated to this site, so we don't guarantee their products) not only lights up when switched on, but also produced scary sounds! This item would be particularly useful if the recipient likes to throw Halloween parties.

4. Prank kit
We love special, customized gag kits. So here’s a great gift idea for a friend who loves to pull pranks on Halloween. Create a prank kit especially for him as a present! In the kit, include the usual items for pranks and scaring victims. You can also choose particular prank toys based on the type of pranks that your friend enjoys.

Common items include (but are not limited to) scary masks, fake blood capsules and a retractable knife. The more funny prank items you can think of, the better! Your friend would certainly appreciate this particular Halloween scary prank gift idea. Be extra careful on Halloween after you give this out, though.

5. Halloween Soundtrack
If your friend likes listening to music, try this idea. Create a special mix tape as your Halloween gag gift for him. However, don’t compile regular songs; get some of the most terrifying, creepy sounds that you can think of! Then produce this compilation in CD form as a gift. You can also be creative with the CD cover art.

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