10 prank software that work with Microsoft Windows

Want prank software that will make your victim's computer go haywire? Here's a list of software that will help - with some ideas on maximizing the enjoyment of these computer pranks thrown in.

1. Avoid

This prank causes your victim's Windows Start button to move away from the mouse cursor, until the program terminates. This software works great in combination with "The Finger" which is described below. It will make it seem like the computer is on strike. The limitation of this prank is that the Windows button on your keyboard will activate the "Start" button, so this prank might not work on a power user.

Click here to download Avoid (Pops up new window or tab).

2. Shakedown

Shakedown results in your victim's desktop shaking mildly. It goes away after a click of a mouse or a press of a key, leaving your victim slightly puzzled. Good to play on someone who's had one cup too many of coffee, or someone who quit an addictive habit recently.

Click here to download Shakedown (Pops up new window or tab).

3. Clippy

Remember Clippy the little paper clip from the old Microsoft Word days? You know, the one that usually gives useless advice? Well, he's back and his advice is not getting any better, at least not the default ones!

Running this prank software will resurrect annoying Clippy from the dead. He makes his appearances at preset intervals this time instead of loitering like he usually does. The best part is, you can set what you want Clippy to say by modifying the text file that's in the same directory.

Click here to download Clippy (Pops up new window or tab).

4. Mouse Droppings

If you want your victim's mouse to poop every 10 seconds on screen, this is the prank software for you. Run this on your victim's computer and soon the whole screen will be full of digital turd. This prank is best used alone.

Click here to download Mouse Droppings (Pops up new window or tab).

5. Random Burper

Puzzle your victim with burping noises every minute. This software turns up the Windows sound volume to the maximum before burping, then turns it back down. Great if used in a crowded place like an office. Hehe.

Click here to download Random Burper (Pops up new window or tab).

6. The Finger

If someone annoyed you recently, you should try running "The Finger" on their PC. It flashes "The Finger" at your victim from the mouse cursor. Try it out on yourself to see if it's right for your revenge.

Click here to download The Finger (Pops up new window or tab).

7. Replace Keys

What if you could set a key on your keyboard to something else? Say, change the 'a' key to a 'z'? Now that would be quite a good prank, but it's just too obvious.

Now what if you could make it happen only once every 30 seconds? E.g. the moment your victim types 'a', it's captured as a 'z', then for the next 30 seconds the 'a' key behaves normally... it gives you 'a'. Until 30 seconds later, that is :).

In short, your victim will think he or she has been mis-typing. This prank will probably take some time to detect, by virtue of its design.

Click here to download Replace Keys (Pops up new window or tab).

8. Flasher

Want to send subliminal messages to your victim? This prank flashes a picture file of your choice at an interval that you specify. Your victim might think that he or she is getting too tired, or seeing things that aren't there. This is an especially good prank to play in an office environment, or on someone's presentation computer.

Click here to download Flasher (Pops up new window or tab).

9. Follow Me

Do you want prank software that gets noticed quickly and is no less fun? Try this one. This will cause the Start button to horizontally follow your mouse movements.

Click here to download Follow Me (Pops up new window or tab).

10. Click Start

Normally the Start menu only comes up if you click the Start button. If you want your victim's Start menu to come up every few seconds on it's own, though, this prank software is just right for the job.

Click here to download Click Start (Pops up new window or tab).

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