Funny Computer Prank: 8 funny pranks you can play on your friends

To play a funny computer prank, you'll need some skill and cunning to gain physical access to the computer itself. The prank ideas I have here, however, do not really require you to have the computer on when you are setting up the pranks. Check out these 8 easy to do computer prank ideas.

If you're new to computers in general and would like to learn more before implementing these prank ideas, check out this page on computer peripheral devices (note that it pops-up a new tab or window).

1. Haunted Computer

In this prank, your objective is to make the computer 'come alive' and have a personality of it's own for your victim. Attach a wireless keyboard to your victim's computer, preferably plug and play. While you're at it, attach a wireless mouse as well. Randomly type something and move the mouse every once in a while. Type things like "I'm watching you. Yes, this is your computer speaking". If you catch your victim while he or she is staring at a word processor, it could be a very funny computer prank.

2. Shocking Mouse

These look like an actual mouse except that it delivers a good jolt to your victim when attached to the computer. If you're trying this out at work you can leave a fake notice from your IT department that the mouse has been replaced. Avoid targeting people with pacemakers or other electronic implants, though, otherwise your funny computer prank may well turn into a tragedy.

3. No Response (Keyboard and Mouse)

Simply detach the keyboard and the mouse from the computer, if it's connected from the back of the computer. Your victim will probably be puzzled when he or she tries to type in something or use the mouse... until they check the connection! If your victim prefers to connect these accessories from the front, try prank #1.

4. Busted Screen

Just unplug the power to the monitor. Just like prank #3, your victim probably won't think first to check to see if it's disconnected, if this is the first time he or she got pranked this way.

5. Keyboard Garden

This prank graduates from nothing to a funny computer prank in about 2 weeks. Obviously, make sure your victim will be away from the keyboard for at least 2 weeks. Also, make sure you use an similar looking keyboard, or are at least prepared to replace the keyboard if it malfunctions after this prank. Unplug the keyboard from the computer. Sprinkle grass seeds in between the keys, spray it with a spray bottle and wrap it with clear plastic wrap. Place the keyboard next to the window where sunlight can get to it. Before your victim gets back, remove the wrap and replace the keyboard to its original position. It should be covered in long green grass by now.

6. Dirty Keyboard and Mouse

For a black keyboard and mouse, lightly stain the surface with carbon. You can use charcoal powder from the barbecue pit or get some carbon pills and crush them up. For a white keyboard and mouse, dust them with white chalk. Yellow chalk mixed with white can help disguise your deed only older yellowed keys. The goal is for your victim to just use the keyboard and mouse as usual and stain themselves. This funny computer prank gets funnier if they decide to touch their face with the stained hand later.

7. Dirty webcam lens

Cut off a spec of black sticky tape and stick it to the center of the webcam lens. It should be relatively hard to see with the naked eye, but should be clear enough when the webcam is used.

8. Stuck Mouse (Glued to table)

Simply glue the mouse to the table. Don't own up to this one or be prepared to replace the mouse unless you know a solution that can dissolve the glue that you used.

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