April Fools Office Jokes: 5 funny office practical jokes for April Fools

There's nothing quite like playing April Fools office jokes on your unsuspecting co-worker to remind them that the workplace needs some humor sometimes. Here are 5 hoaxes you can perpetuate in the office, all in the name of this great day!

1. April Fools Policy Changes

Is your company a policy changer? Great, especially if you're the one in charge who gets to change them. This office joke is just for managers and team leaders. The sky is the limit on ridiculous policies. Here are 3 examples to get you started.

Example 1
Do your employees have too "long" a lunch break? Cut it short by a minute with this April Fools office joke! Send out memos on this special day to inform them that your company has cut its 30 minute lunch to 29 minutes to save on costs to buy them stationery for the coming quarter. Add on that a surveillance camera connected to your desk will be added in the dining area just to make sure that this is adhered to. For a kick, purchase a fake surveillance camera and install it the night before.

Example 2
Have the personal calls made by your employees been racking up your phone bill? Send a memo that you have detected a high amount of such calls and that a visiting hour for friends and family will be set up. Tell them that it's easier than you personally listening to their calls.

Example 3
Want to discourage sexual harassment even further? Make it a policy to avoid eye contact between employees at all times because of the high incidence of sexual harassment.

2. What's my message?

In this April Fools office joke, be sure to get your fellow co-workers in on calling the target. Be sure to get your accomplices to call in throughout the day, asking for a fictional person (e.g. Bob) that doesn't work in your office. Before your target leaves, be sure to call in and introduce yourself as "Bob" and ask for any messages for you. Be sure to end with an April Fools day greeting.

3. While you were out

https://www.prank-ideas-central.com/images/lion.jpg Leave a message on voice mail or yellow sticky on your victim's phone that a Mr. Lyon (aka Lion) or Behr (aka Bear) called. Be sure to leave him or her the number to your local zoo. Imagine the confusion when your victim does call the zoo.

4. Voice activated machines

Have you seen your office notices on machines? For example, those notices on photocopying machines instructing people how to use them for fax and photocopying? Make a fake notice that tells the users of a particular machine that a scheduled upgrade has been complete and the users should can now use voice commands to operate the machine. You can use the following as a template:

"Attention Staff,

Please note that the this photocopying machine is now voice activated. This machine will be on trial run from [date] to [date].
Example commands are as below:To copy 1 sheet, say: 'Copy, 1 sheet, Letter, Copy'.
Please speak loudly and clearly. To report any issues with this machine, please contact xxxxxxxxx at xxxxxxxx.

The Management"

Be sure to paste this in a prominent area on the machine :). I'm sure your victims will get it eventually. Hopefully.

5. YOU called ME!

Most office telephones have a conference call system. This April Fools office joke only works if you don't need to book for the conference call via a third party. What you can do is call the first person, then quickly call the second person. Hit the conference call button once they're both connected. Both your victims will start accusing the other of calling. Just for April Fools, stay on the line and say "April Fools" before hanging up after a minute.

The alternative way of doing this requires 2 phones to be side by side. Call both victims simultaneously, then when both have picked up, put the mouthpiece of the first phone to the earpiece of the second, and vice versa. You can place your ear next to one of the earpieces to listen to the same hilarity as above.

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