7 funny office toilet pranks

Here are a couple of office toilet pranks that you set for unsuspecting victims at work. Some of these will draw in curious crowds, while others will just annoy the unfortunate individual who falls into your trap. All are enjoyable though, at least for you :).

1. Stomach Ache Forever

What would you do if someone stayed in an office toilet stall and moaned in pain the whole day? Well, it'll be interesting to watch other people react to this prank.

Buy some second hand male work pants, socks and shoes typical to your office environment. Get a pair of adjustable mannequin legs, or you can easily fashion a pair of dummy legs out of cardboard or pipe. Purchase a cheap tape recorder and fit it with some good batteries. For the electronic savvy, you might want to rig the tape recorder to size D batteries instead of the standard AA so that they'll play longer. Make sure you record a couple of hours worth of random farting, pee sounds, straining and dump splashing noises on the tape.

On the day of your prank, come in very early and smuggle in the mannequin into one of the office toilet stalls. Fit on the pants, socks and shoes onto the adjustable mannequin legs, then seat it on the toilet bowl.

Set your recording to play now, then close the door. Depending on the stall door type, you may be able to tie some string to the latch to lock it from the outside. If you can't do it, it's ok to just close the door without locking it, provided that the door stays firmly shut. Use some adhesive tape if you can't lock it from outside.

Once you've setup the prank, enjoy watching the commotion build up around the toilet prank you set! If you want more commotion, put a 'male' dummy with a male voice in the female toilet.

2. Stretchy Toilet Paper

For this toilet prank, get some untearable toilet paper and put them in random stalls in your office toilets. Write 'Out of order' on the first leaf of each 'toilet role'. You'll probably hear some calls for help from the office toilet soon enough.

3. Sign Swap

In this toilet prank you'll be messing with the toilet gender (mens' or ladies') signs. Check and see if the signs are screwed on or glued on. If they're screwed on you're good to go, otherwise you'll need to print out or purchase a toilet sign to stick over the existing signs.

You can either swap the mens' and ladies' toilet signs around your floor, or you can make all the toilets mens' or all ladies'. Alternatively, use adhesive to stick the signs on a colleague's office door, a conference room door. Guaranteed to bewilder a newcomer.

4. I'm watching you

Get a headshot of your victim from your company team or event photos, preferably one where your colleague is looking straight at the camera lens. Use just the headshot and create a sign with the headshot with "I'm watching you!". Half or quarters of a letter or A4 sized paper will do. Stick these signs on the under every toilet seat cover with some adhesive tape, and make sure the toilet seat covers are closed.

You can also paste these behind every stall door and above every urinal (for men's toilets).

5. Toilet Seat Poop

In this toilet prank, you're going to make it seem that someone just messed up the toilet bowl. Get some fake poop and some fart spray. Place the poop on the edge of the toilet seat and spray on some fart. Leave the stall door wide open. If you're asked to investigate, you can pick it up with your hands for and throw it at someone for a laugh. Of course, deny any association with the prank if you wish.

6. Jelly Bowl

You can get some gelatin mixes rather cheaply. Prepare the jelly solution (usually the gelatin powder is mixed with water then boiled), then empty the contents into as many toilet bowls as you can fill BEFORE they harden. The next person to use the stall will be surprised at how solid the 'water' seems. Clear jelly works best here. Don't worry about damaging the bowl... the jelly can be easily flushed away once it's broken up.

7. Out of Order

Print 'Out of Order' and paste notices on each stall for the toilets on your office level. If your office services management, like mine, has the habit of pasting notices in the toilet, or if you've seen any out of order notices in the toilet before, try to mimic those as close as you can. Of course, you should check the toilet cleaning schedule (typically in the toilet itself) to make sure that you paste the notices AFTER the cleaner leaves, otherwise your notices may be removed prematurely.

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