Bathroom Pranks: 12 toilet pranks for the home - Pranks 1 to 4

Ok, you've already had some toilet pranks for the toilet bowl and the shower. What's next? Here's 12 more ideas for you.

1. Measuring Tape in Toilet Paper

Viewing the video above raised some questions about how this prank works. Doesn't measuring tape retract? We can't really see how this girl sets it up, but at the very least we know one end of the measuring tape is 'taped' on to the toilet roll. The gist of it is to open up half the measuring tape casing and let the casing (with the tape intact) lie on its side. Tape the free end to the toilet paper.

Here's a possible explanation. As we know, the tape itself has a tendency to straighten itself. In the casing, however, it is held in its place. If we open up half of the casing, the tape will still remain in the casing in equilibrium since the tension only works to straighten the tape, not push it out sideways from the coil. However, once an end of the tape is pulled out of the coil (caused by pulling the toilet paper in the video), the tension will release and uncoil the tape.

2. Untearable Toilet Paper

In this toilet prank, swap the toilet paper with a roll of untearable toilet paper that looks like the real thing, but never tears. You can write a hidden message further into the roll for your victim to see.

3. Numbing Toothpaste

To setup this prank, uncap the toothpaste tube as shown. Generally the toothpaste should leave a small void at the neck where you can insert some topical numbing gel in. If not, gently squeeze the sides at the body of the tube as shown in the picture. You will see the toothpaste slowly retreat into the tube.

Ideally mix it up with a bit of toothpaste before re-inserting it. It takes a while to take effect, so your victim won't notice the numbing until about 2 or 3 minutes later. Make sure your victim is not the type who snacks after brushing his or her teeth or this prank could turn bloody.

4. The Flush

In this toilet prank, many toilets are flushed at the same time while victim is taking a shower. It could turn the water very hot or very cold. Either way, there's great shock value involved!

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