Good Office Prank: 12 great office prank ideas for public spaces

So, a good office prank in a private space just won't do eh? Here are some tips and tricks to take your pranks public.

1. Head Hunting

Grab a photo headshot of your intended victim from any company photo or team meeting you can find, then make multiple mini thumb-sized copies of them. Tape these copies to various locations around the office (e.g. the water cooler, at the top corner of a door, the elevator door, random cube locations). It's a good office prank, if you like treasure hunts.

2. Road Block

Move all the plants and waste paper baskets you can find onto a major corridor in your office that has heavy traffic. Stay back late to do this. Works only if your building doesn't employ staff to clean after hours.

3. What meeting?

Use some sticky notes from the stationery cabinet. On the sticky notes, write "Department meeting at 10am, conference room", and stick it to your victims' computer screens where they can't miss it. Best you show up at the 'meeting' too to avoid suspicion if you decided to stick it on everyone's screens. Miss one of your colleagues screens so he or she won't show up, and probably be suspected of pulling the prank. Good office prank for offices with excessive meetings (virtually every office).

4. Clones

Grab a photo headshot of your intended victim (all the better if it's someone that everyone knows and loves) from any company photo or team meeting you can find, then make multiple mini thumb-sized copies of them. Paste these heads over every humanoid or animal picture you can find in the office, particularly the ones along the corridors. If you think it might work on flowers, do that too.

5. Photocopy shadow

Photocopy an image of a pen or paperclip on 10 sheets of paper and reload them onto the photocopy machine tray. Shuffle them into the rest of the feed paper stack.

6. Cheer me up

Promo for your target with posters. Create letter or A4 sized posters with a headshot (grabbed from team photos) of your victim and the words "Cheer me up when you see me. I feel sad and lonely." below. Paste them in every cubicle except your target's. Paste a few in public notice spaces.

7. Man down!

Simulate an unconscious person in the cube with cheap pants, shoes and some stuffing. If you can get your hands on dummy legs, all the better. Get a cheap tape recorder and add groaning sounds. It's a good office prank to start the day with.

8. Glued down coin

Glue coin onto carpet or floor and watch colleagues try to pick it up. You'll find that some are more persistent than others, and some play it cool when they can't pick it up. Either way you'll have loads of fun.

9. Broken door

Slide in some washers and small typical door components at the top of a door. When your victim opens it the items will fall off onto the floor, making them think they've broken some part of it.

10. Conference room season

Create a series of notices that say "Conference room booked daily for the month of X for Project Y". Paste them on every single conference room door. Enjoy being the cause of confusion in the office.

11. Joke posters on the wall

If your office is lined with inspirational posters on the wall, grab a few of the joke versions you can order off the web. If there are no posters at the moment, donate a few. I'm sure it'll take some time before anyone notices they aren't the regular motivational types. It's a good office prank to get some guffaws.

12. Corridor seal up

Select a corridor in your office that leads to some offices or to a break room. You might also want to consider sealing up the elevator lobby if the corridor is small enough. The idea is to build a fake wall to either subtly hide parts of your office, or to obviously puzzle anyone who steps out of the elevator.

Build a wooden frame that will fit the entrance of the corridor you want to seal up. Attach either foam or plywood to the frame to make up the fake wall. make sure you layer the foam or plywood with some material that can be painted over to match your wall. Hide and enjoy the spectacle.

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