7 hilarious office prank ideas

You've been looking for office prank ideas, and you stumbled right into this page. Fortunately, there are 7 good ones here for you to try. Check them out! Don't forget to write about it to us if you decide to try them.

1. Musical Cards

Do you find music played from a musical card soothing and melodic? Well, me neither. Buy one card and pull the little music spinning sucker out and plant it at the back of your victim's drawer. Alternatively, you can buy a programmable sound module (used in musical cards, by the way) and put in your own sounds. When your victim closes the drawer, the annoying music (or your custom sound) will start. It stops immediately when the drawer is opened slightly, so it'll probably take your victim some time to find it.

Sneaky office prank idea, isn't it? Anyway, be sure to check out our other office prank ideas.

2. I can't hear you

There are two ways to play this prank. The easy way is to just place a piece of clear tape over the mouthpiece of the phone. The harder way is to open up the phone handle and tape the inside of the mouthpiece of the phone. Both block out sound, of course, but the harder way takes much longer to discover, if at all. In any case, enjoy yourself as your victim struggles to talk to his callers.

3. Loud Radio

Purchase a cheap radio that runs on a power outlet and turn it on at maximum volume. Plug it into the same power strip that your victim's computer is plugged into - with the switch off, of course. When your victim finally comes to realizing that his computer can't turn on because the power strip is off, he'll turn it on and suddenly loud music will stream through the radio. Be sure that the radio is hidden among the clutter of wires so that he won't see it when he turns on the power strip.

4. Monkey Heads

If your victim is fond of placing printout pictures or photographs in the office, borrow and scan them while he's away on vacation. Use the GIMP or photo-shop to add a monkey head to each of the photos, then reprint them on the same medium. For example, if it's printed on glossy paper (as most photos are), then reprint it on glossy paper. Then put the monkey photos back on your victim's desk while you keep the originals safe in your drawer.

The GIMP is a powerful open source photo editing software that you can use to achieve this prank. Click here to get the GIMP for free (opens new window).

As for the monkey heads, you'll find plenty of pictures to work with on any search engine. Just look for 'monkey heads', or use the one above.

5. Help! I'm up here!

Will the wonders of modern technology never cease? Get yourself a cordless microphone and a portable radio. Be sure to load the radio with extra long life batteries, otherwise this office prank idea will fail prematurely. Now tune the cordless microphone and radio to the same frequency and be sure that when you speak into the microphone, you can hear yourself on the radio. Needless to say, choose a frequency that doesn't clash with a radio station.

Once you're done setting up the microphone and the radio, hide the radio in the drop ceiling above your victim. You need to make sure that the volume is loud enough to be heard by your victim but not by his neighbor. Once you're sure, the fun begins!

Every so often, when out of earshot of your victim, cry for help through the microphone. When he tries to get someone to verify what he's hearing, keep quiet. Then repeat the prank when he's alone again. To avoid being caught, remove the radio once you're satisfied with the prank.

6. Office Theme

Know if your victim hates something? Post his office space with promotional material for the things he hates. Be it a sports team or a politician, you won't be short of items to place on his wall and desk.

7. Upside down Cup Flood

Place a cardboard over a cup full of water. Make sure that the cardboard is larger than the mouth of the cup. Now turn the cup and the cardboard upside down and place it on the table. Don't worry, water won't spill on you when the cup is upside down as the greater air pressure outside the cup will keep the board in place.

Once the cup it on the table, slide the cardboard out from under it. If your victim is a frequent target of pranks, place a few empty cups on their sides next to your cup full of water to throw him off track. Your victim is likely to just think that it's empty and pull it up, flooding his table. It's a rather devilish office prank idea, isn't it?

To make it a non-evil office prank, put the cup away from any electrical items or paperwork.

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