Funny Office Pranks: 7 funny pranks for the break room

I bet you're itching to try some funny office pranks in the break room. That's assuming management still lets you have a break room/pantry. Check out these 7 prank ideas I have for you. Be warned that some of them can get messy, so be sure you make it up to the janitor!

1. Salty Sugar

Does your office still have the budget for sugar? If it does AND sugar is stored in a jar, this is a perfectly easy office prank. Simply get some fine salt to replace the fine sugar or crush rock salt to replace coarse grades of sugar.

Enjoy the expressions on the face of your co-workers as they enjoy their 'sweetened' drink!

2. Holy Cups

Your office still uses paper cups. How environmentally unfriendly. But I digress - poke a hole at the bottom (hole A in the diagram) of a few of these cups. Alternatively you can poke holes diametrically opposite to each other close to the cup rim (hole B and the hidden hole on the other side). Mix up the sabotaged cups with the good ones in the cup dispenser.

No prizes for guessing what happens to the next person who takes a swig from the holey cup.

3. Lunch Bait

Is someone stealing your lunch from the fridge? Play this funny office prank on the greedy jerk to get even.

The basic prank idea is to do something to your 'lunch' (a trap, in case that wasn't obvious). Lace it with crushed laxatives or load it with lots of salt or vinegar (whatever makes it taste nasty). If it's your drink or milk that gets stolen, mix in a lot of salt, and poke a hole at the container as shown in the picture (try to disguise it if possible, by making the hole in the middle of a printed letter 'o', for example).

Have fun as the thief falls prey to your brilliant and funny office prank. Don't forget to pack another lunch for yourself.

4. Cabinet Rat

Setup a rubber rat/roach in the cabinet that everyone reaches into to get break room item refills. Tie the rat/roach to the latch inside of the cabinet door with a transparent nylon string (or the cabinet door knob, if there's no place to tie it inside). Keep it short enough so that the mouse will 'jump' out of the cabinet as the door swings open.

If there are several shelves in the cabinet, put the rat at the topmost shelf. Test your setup a few times and adjust the mouse just to be sure it will jump. If your victim is quite jumpy, this will be quite a funny office prank to remember!

5. Cola Cannon

Get a 2 liter cola drink, and drill a hole through the center of the cap. Tie some mint candy to a string and pass the string through the hole in the cap. Prop the bottle to face the door at an angle (about 45 degrees) in the fridge or a frequently used cabinet, using cardboard. Tighten the cap back onto the cola drink. Make sure that the mint candy does NOT touch the cola, otherwise it will blow up on you. Pour out a little of the cola first, if necessary.

Make sure your cardboard prop is tough enough, and wide enough to be stable. You should cut a contour on the cardboard near the neck of the bottle to seat the bottle snugly on the cardboard. You might like to try to balance the bottle on it before drilling a hole in the cap. If the cardboard you have doesn't seem to work well, try plywood. If you're using a box to prop the bottle, you might like to put Velcro on the underside of the box and the underside of the bottle.

Hang on to the loose end of the string and close the cabinet/fridge door. Check if the door is clamping onto the string snugly. Adjust the string until the door clamps onto the string then cut off the extra string and you're done. When your victim opens the door, a huge gush of cola awaits.

6. Water Jug Aquarium

Ok, office deco is boring and you and your mates could use an aquarium. Problem is, your office probably doesn't have one - although it may have a lovely water jug type dispenser. How better to show your initiative in the workplace than with this funny office prank idea.

You'll need a bag full of fish that you can get from your local pet store. Be sure that these are small enough to fit through the hole of the water jug. Go to the break room water cooler and remove the water jug. Add the fish into the jug, then replace the jug onto the cooler. Simple, isn't it?

Remember to wipe off any excess water that was spilled in the process, or your prank will fall apart very quickly. Executed flawlessly, this office prank will definitely get some giggles.

7. Jumping Candy

What's better than candy? Free candy of course! I'll bet that there are a few sweet toothed folks in your office at least, despite the recent healthy living awareness sweeping the globe. Get some laughs at their expense with this funny office prank.

Buy a bag of mixed candy and put them in a bowl. Purchase a few gag candies and put them into the mix. Also, replace a few of the brown caramel ones with cut crayons. Enjoy the shock on the face of your victims as they open up the spring loaded candies, or chew on the crayons.

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