7 deliciously evil office pranks

Evil office pranks are a fun, especially if you can get away with it. Here we offer seven of our finest, from simple to more elaborate prank ideas.

1. Mouse malfunction

This is a simple office prank. Just cut a strip of opaque tape and put it over your victim’s mouse’s optical sensor. When he tries to move the mouse, it won’t work! People forget to check the obvious most of the time, so it’s a good bet that he’ll be calling the IT department for help. Hilarity will be doubled if the IT personnel didn’t think of checking the sensor either!

2. Speak up!

Here’s another office prank that is deliciously evil and hilarious. When there’s a new employee, tell him or her that a particular colleague is hard of hearing, so he or she will need to speak up when talking to that colleague. Do the same to that colleague. Sit back and try not to laugh too loudly at them communicating to each other in high volume every single time!

3. Stubborn drawer

To pull this evil office prank off, you’ll have to wait until there’s no one around. Go under the victim’s desk and use industrial strength duct tape to tape the underside of the victim’s drawer to the underside edges of his desk. However hard he pulls, it won’t budge! You can add a little extra confusion by leaving the drawer slightly ajar before taping. This way, he’ll see that the drawer is not locked.

4. Confusing drawers

If you’re the type that comes into the office early, then this evil office prank is for you. Before your victim comes in, remove the drawers of his desk and switch them around. If you can’t remove the drawers, you can also just swap the contents of each drawer. This will leave your victim scratching his head as you hold in the laughter.

5. Silent treatment from the desktop

Here’s a particularly evil yet funny office prank that is guaranteed to freak your victim out. Take a screenshot of the victim’s desktop, then use that image as the wallpaper. Remember to hide the actual taskbar and the desktop icons (you can do this by right-clicking on the desktop, then clicking “Arrange Icons By” and unchecking “Show Desktop Icons”). Your victim’s frantic, futile clicking will be absolutely hilarious!

6. Crashed computer

The blue screen of death (BSOD) is the page you get when your computer crashes. Microsoft offers a free download of BSOD screensavers and you can use this to play a deliciously evil office prank. Simply set this screensaver as your victim’s screensaver, so that they’ll come back from lunch to see that their computer has “crashed”. Their initial shock and horror will be priceless!

7. Customized HP printer’s console message

If your office uses a HP printer, then you simply have to try this office prank. Not many people are aware that the message on HP printers can be customized. This is done with the HP Printer Job Language (HPPJL) command set.

Here is an instructive article (opens new window to external site) on how to do this.

Our personal favorite is also “Insert Coin”, but you can use your creativity to come up with other messages (depending on the size of the printer’s console screen too). Not everyone will notice, but those that do will be left confused and freaked out!

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