Office Gags: 5 tricks for unsuspecting colleagues

Has your office been a bit dull lately? Are you looking for some excitement to break the daily tedium? Well, office gags are great for having some fun and laughter! Here are 5 office prank ideas for you to try. They are relatively simple to do and can often be done without much advance notice. All you need is a victim!

1. Mysterious migration

Come into the office earlier than most? Then this may be the gag for you. When the coast is clear, gradually shift items from one colleague's cubicle to the victim's cubicle. It would be a good idea to start with smaller stuff, and move progressively bigger ones over the next few days.

When your victim comes in, he will start noticing that things are appearing on his desk when they weren’t the day before. This office prank idea can also work by moving things from different colleagues to the same victim’s cubicle each time. The inexplicable movement of things to your intended victim's cube will freak him (or her) out!

2. Hidden camera

Make use of technology and try this office prank idea! What you do is record your victim’s private moments at his desk, like nose picking or funny eating rituals, using a well-disguised hidden camera or webcam. Then use the recording to create a video, mix in some "appropriate" music, and post it on Youtube.

This prank idea may not go down well with some colleagues. Therefore, it may be a good idea to post the link on Youtube anonymously. But be sure to pass along the link!

3. Spray-painted saran

Have you have noticed that a particular colleague is often away from his cubicle? Here’s the perfect office gag for him. Find an opportunity to wrap the victim's laptop with spray-painted saran. Imagine the shock and horror when the victim comes back and thinks that someone spray-painted his laptop!

4. Quick Vaseline/butter

At the office, it would be useful to have some Vaseline or butter at hand for this prank idea. When you see an opening, layer anything black with Vaseline or butter. Then sit back and watch as your victims find the nasty surprise.

5. Broken CD

Another useful trick is by using broken CDs. When your victim is away from his cubicle, insert a broken CD into his laptop's CD drive. This office prank idea will cause a lot of noise when the drive spins and works even if the laptop is on but locked.

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